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Game, Set, Match: Thailand’s 76th Tennis Championship Is Serving Up History – Be Part of the Royal Showdown!

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Welcome to the grand spectacle that is redefining the essence of competition and camaraderie in the Land of Smiles – Thailand’s highly anticipated 76th Tennis Championship. This is not just a tournament; it’s a festival of finesse, skill, and an unending passion for the beautiful game of tennis, an event where the craft of seasoned players make our hearts pound faster and our spirits reach for the skies.

The Senior Tennis Association Thailand (STAT) is weaving this tapestry of athletic prowess to uncover hidden gems within the realm of senior tennis. The honor of lifting the coveted Royal Trophy, graciously bestowed by none other than Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, awaits the triumphant. Imagine the glory, the sheer elation, and the unforgettable moments engraved in history!

Ms. Supanavit Eiamsakulrat, the vivacious CEO of KE Group Co., Ltd, spilled the beans on tennis’s burgeoning charm. “It’s a sport for everyone,” she declared, painting the picture of tennis as the ultimate dance of life, where fitness, sharp wits, unfaltering focus, and the pure joy of team spirit reign supreme. And thus, the stage is set for the Thailand Tennis Championship 2023 to enchant us with its dazzling display of might and delight.

The competition unfolds like a thriller across the hard courts, with two scintillating categories:

  • Singles Category: Between December 2-5, 2023, descend upon the indoor oasis of FBT Sports Park in Ladkrabang, where men and women across ages from sprightly 30 to the sage warriors of 75 will grace the court.
  • Doubles Category: From December 9-11, 2023, the Crystal Sports Ekamai-Ramindra will transform into an amphitheater of athleticism, presenting riveting duos battling it out in age-defined categories, including the scintillating mixed doubles with aggregations soaring from 80 to a commanding 130!

Registrations heed the call till the third of December, so mark your calendars and prepare for glory! This tennis odyssey doesn’t stop at the main event; oh no, it blazes on with the ‘Thailand Masters Championship’ – a week-long spectacle for the association’s stalwarts, adding glitter to an already sparkling prize pot of over a million baht.

The STAT, in adherence to the prestigious International Tennis Federation (ITF), has broadened the horizons for eager athletes. Now, any spry individual above 30 can wield their racket and vie for victory, lowering the curtain of age to invite a new Act of competitors to the tennis theater.

Let’s hear it from Mr. Sornchai Suneta, the visionary EVP from SCB, whose unwavering belief in longevity through physical vitality and mental fortitude embodies the ethos of the SCB. “We’re in it for the growth—the personal and the communal upliftment,” he proclaims, underlining a noble crusade to enrich lives through the art of tennis.

The passion sparkles in the eyes of Mr. Paradorn “Ball” Srichaphan, the trailblazer who’s conquered summits and hearts alike. His commitment to nurturing the next wave of tennis prodigies in Thailand is nothing short of inspirational.

Ms. Tamarine “Tammy” Tanasugarn, a beacon of excellence herself, champions the cause of early and late bloomers in the sport, assuring us that it’s never too late to dream, serve, and conquer!

Mr. Terapong Ounruen, the strategizing maestro and tennis veteran, assures us that the STAT team is primed and ready. They’ve set the chessboard for a grand checkmate with the goal of amplifying tennis’ heartbeat in every corner of Thailand, with an inclusive embrace for international talent seeking glory on Thai soil.

The roster of illustrious partners championing this tournament reads like a who’s who of Thai enterprise. From SCB to PTT, from Crystal Sports to Smash It Tennis Academy, they’re all here, celebrating and upholding the grand tennis tradition.

So, let’s rally together, for the tennis elites and the promising newcomers. From every serve to every volley, the championship is more than just a clash of titans; it’s a testament to the eternal spirit of Thailand’s love, life, and tennis. Come with your cheers, your thrills, and your zest—join us in this grand tennis carnival where every shot counts and every moment is a story waiting to unfold.


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