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Government’s Daring Move: Motorbike-taxi Operators Set to Score Million Baht Fuel Bonanza – Minister’s Bombshell Announcement Revealed!

The authorities are contemplating a fresh expansion of the fuel cost subsidy scheme for motorbike-taxi operators, an initiative aiming to alleviate operating costs within the realm of public transportation. This project for the subsidization of energy costs, orchestrated by the Department of Energy Business, has been put forward to the Ministry of Energy for assessment. Mr. Prasert Sinsukprasert, the Permanent Secretary for Energy, made this statement recently.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin alongside the Energy Minister Pirapan Salirathavibhaga holds the autonomy to approve the necessary budget projected around 600 million baht, bypassing the cabinet’s validation. Mr. Prasert brought this to light.

The particulars relating to the projected scheme will be unveiled post its complete finalization by the ministry, he added.

The inaugural stage of the project in the past saw over 106,655 motorcycle-taxi drivers, rightly licensed by the Department of Land Transport as of 22nd March the previous year, garnering a 50% copay towards their fuel expenses.

This assistance program, in force from May until July the previous year, was confined to 50 baht per individual per day and no more than 250 baht per individual monthly. The scheme, during its operational period, manifested in a financial liability of 79.99 million baht for the government, further included income tax amnesty for the riders.

An unexpected hiccup in relation to the first phase of the scheme was the extended timeframe linked to renewing the driving licence while appealing for the subsidy. Nevertheless, insider sources have reported assurances that potential complications have likely been resolved in expectation of the new allowance.

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