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Harassed for Years: Internet Idol’s Terrifying Ordeal with Stalker Continues to Escalate! How Much Is Enough?

Bearing a significant online presence and widely celebrated for her captivating posts on the page หนูมินตันทาสกระดาน, Internet sensation Mintan finds herself dealing with the continuous plague of a dogged stalker. Unveiling to her loyal fanbase yet another worrisome update about her harrowing situation, Mintan confessed that the constant antagonist has yet again resurfaced, vivifying her distress.

In a revealing social media post, Mintan shared her profound tribulation caused through the hands of a consecutive three-year tormentor, clarifying that he is believed to be troubled with mental health issues. The harasser, who is a security personnel, was indicted in court previously and sternly instructed to terminate any form of engagement with her, extending from physical follow-ups to online harassments. However, the persistent intrusion continues unabated from this individual, blatantly disregarding the law’s gravity.

Mintan, detailing her suffering further, expressed that the assigned punishment to the offender was merely nominal, characterized by legally mandated meetings with probation officers and fines. However, this has done little to deter the bold stalker that has forced Mintan to elevate her protective measures. She concluded by questioning the efficacy of the legal system, pondering whether a victim must bear the brunt till the point the harassment intensifies drastically before legal intervention could be significantly enacted.

She explained, “Maintaining pacifity has always been my choice. I don’t relish inducing drama. But as I resolve to stay silent, it seems to fuel him, giving the audacity for the harassment to multiply.”

Mintan, not leaving any stones left unturned, addressed some of the criticisms she received from her followers. There were implications indicating that her choice of appearance, be it cosplay or wearing short skirts, was attributing to the undue attention. To this Mintan retorted, “Is my appearance a valid excuse for being harassed? Don’t I hold the liberty to choose how I wish to dress?”.

Mintan also admitted to measures undertaken during the early days of the unpleasant encounters, like adding stalker to the blocked list across all her social media platforms. However, this led to an avalanche of warnings from a concerned audience, nervous about his intentions of tracking her down physically. The step to block him only amplified her fears, as the information about his whereabouts or actions became negligible, according to a report by Sanook.

Regrettably, Mintan isn’t the lone Internet idol experiencing such dread. Online harassment has evolved into a grave concern that constantly hampers various icons across the entertainment industry. However, there’s hope as well. Recently, a blogger known as Framsook Lek Lek secured a triumphant victory against an online harassment situation, with a legal settlement amounting to 35,000 baht and an obligatory public apology from the offender.

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