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Hotel costs could be higher for foreigners than for Thais

As a result of the pandemic, hotels in well-known tourist destinations including Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Krabi started to offer offers and discounts to entice travelers. The only guests from outside Thailand would, however, have to pay more for their hotel rooms under the proposal. Nearby Thai residents will pay less. Rates that were reduced during COVID-19 will be kept the same for Thai nationals in order to preserve the momentum of domestic tourism. Justify your stance. Provide premium. More people purchase more expensive items. Louis Vuitton wouldn’t survive without sales.

That is, if a proposal from the Thai Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism is accepted. The plan, according to a government spokeswoman, is to sustain our standards of prices and services for foreign visitors because this affects how people view the country’s tourism brand. Despite the stated intention of Thailand’s tourism officials to attract as many foreign visitors to Thailand as possible at this time, there are plans to boost hotel prices to pre-pandemic levels to promote the recovery of the hospitality industry. however, only to visitors from abroad. Numerous hotels have started reducing their room rates in an effort to entice as many visitors as possible. A hotel near you might soon offer dual pricing. In other instances, the Covid pandemic led to a 30–40% decrease in accommodation occupancy rates compared to before to Covid. We are unable to welcome guests because of the low cost of living in the nation. There have been 70-80% fewer tourists to Thailand in the last month despite the removal of all entrance restrictions, including the Thailand Pass (compared to 2019). In numerous well-known tourist locations, like as Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, and Chiang Mai, up to 50% of the hotels and lodging options remain closed. This week, Thailand’s deputy prime minister and minister of public health, Anutin Charnvirakul, compared his country to renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Due to this, foreigners and expats who already live in Thailand will also have challenges. Locals won’t be impacted by the modification and can still benefit from the numerous hotel promotions and discounts. The dual pricing structure, in which guests are charged more than Thai nationals, will be implemented by the hotel sector at the request of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. The cost of living would be similar to that of life before Covid 19. The dual pricing scheme will now be discussed with the Hotel Association of Thailand by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. It’s also unclear how the government will make it appealing to promote dual pricing to foreign guests traveling to Thailand even with the development of a sanctioned policy for hotels.

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