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Hundreds of security cameras have been installed on a famous tourist island off the coast of Pattaya

The pier at Tawan Beach on Koh Larn isn’t the only one in need of repair. Four tourists went down the pier at Sangwan Beach after a railing on the pier shattered in February. The guests were taking a photo and lounging over the fractured railing when it shattered, and they fell into the rocks below, incurring serious injuries. Security is being beefed up on Koh Larn, a major tourist island off the coast of Pattaya. At seven beaches across the island, the municipality has installed 200 CCTV security cameras. Meanwhile, authorities on Koh Larn are working to rebuild a pier.

The installation is nearly complete, according to Pattaya Deputy Manager Kiattisak Sriwongchai, and the cameras will be completely operational early this month. He claims that the cameras are high-tech and that they can zoom in to 800 meters. According to Kiattisak, the Tawan Beach Pier on Koh Larn, which has been in need of maintenance for a long time, will be reconstructed in 2023. The renovation would include a new walkway, roof, and railings, he said. He said, “They can see entire beach areas and boats heading to Pattaya.” They can also read license plates from automobiles.

Tawan Beach Pier, Pattaya’s busiest pier, has been deteriorating since before the Covid-19 epidemic. Once completed, the structure will serve as the beach’s primary medical facility, providing basic medical services before diverting patients to other hospitals and medical institutions. The administration building at Tawan Beach is also being built, according to Kiattisak, and is already 90 percent complete.

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