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JerHigh Unveils Grain-Free Dog Food with YouTube Stars Cullen & P’Jung as Brand Ambassadors

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Imagine a world where every wag of a tail and every joyful leap of your furry friend could be attributed to not just love but also the right nutrition. This is the world JerHigh aspires to create with their latest culinary masterpiece, JerHigh MORE Grain-Free formula. It’s not just any pet food; it’s a promise of joy, health, and boundless energy, crafted meticulously for dogs who deserve nothing but the best.

What makes this launch even more exciting is the star-studded fanfare accompanying it, with none other than Cullen & P’Jung stepping into the limelight as the brand’s newest ambassadors. These are not just any celebrities; they are pet-loving aficionados known far and wide for their heartwarming content on the popular YouTube channel, Hateberry. Their partnership with JerHigh isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a heart-to-heart connection, stemming from a shared passion for enhancing the lives of pets everywhere.

Under the visionary leadership of Kitisak Limamphai, the Managing Director of International Pet Foods Co., Ltd., JerHigh has taken a leap into the future of pet nutrition. “In our quest to offer nothing but the best, we’ve joined forces with veterinarians to conjure up a formula that meets the nuanced health needs across the doggy spectrum, irrespective of breed or age,” Kitisak remarked. JerHigh MORE isn’t just grain-free; it’s a beacon of hope for dogs with allergies, meticulously designed without the usual suspects – corn and soybeans. This formula is a treasure trove of goodness, sans sugars and artificial colors, promising a bounty of health benefits tailored to keep your dog’s coat shiny and their skin in pristine condition.

This year, JerHigh has upped the ante by partnering with the dynamic duo, Cullen and P’Jung, who not only embody the spirit of pet love but also live by it, showcasing their adventures with their furry friends, always accompanied by JerHigh’s nutritional delights. “Our journey with JerHigh is more than just a partnership; it’s a shared mission to sprinkle joy in the lives of pets and pet owners alike,” expressed the duo. Their endorsement is not merely lip service; it’s a testament of their genuine adoration for dogs and JerHigh’s pivotal role in ensuring their pets’ happiness is non-negotiable, wherever their adventures lead them.

Diving deeper into the goodness of JerHigh MORE Grain-Free, pet owners will discover a smorgasbord of dietary delights, including flavors like chicken, chicken and liver, and salmon, each crafted to cater to the discerning palates of dogs aged three months and above. No stone has been left unturned in ensuring these gourmet formulas are accessible far and wide, from the shelves of your nearest supermarket to the convenience of online shopping through JerHigh’s official channels on Facebook, Line, and their website.

JerHigh’s ethos, “Feed me with love,” is not just a tagline; it’s a philosophy woven into the very fabric of their brand, treating pets not just as companions, but as beloved family members. The commitment to excellence is evident in every bite, with innovative pet food that meets, and dare we say, exceeds AAFCO standards, mirroring the quality of human cuisine. By leveraging modern technology and the finest ingredients, JerHigh is setting new benchmarks in pet nutrition, ensuring our cherished companions enjoy a life brimming with vitality.

In the end, JerHigh MORE is not just food; it’s a heartfelt invitation to embark on a joyful gastronomic journey, ensuring our pets lead happier, healthier lives. So, as you open a pack of JerHigh MORE, get ready to witness that unmistakable sparkle in your dog’s eyes – a silent thank you for a meal served with love.


  1. PureBredLover May 2, 2024

    Bringing YouTube celebrities onboard is a smart move for JerHigh. Cullen & P’Jung really connect with the pet-loving community. It shows JerHigh is serious about their market presence.

    • SkeptiCat May 2, 2024

      I wonder how much of this is genuine concern for nutritional value and how much is just marketing fluff. Stars don’t make the food any better.

      • PureBredLover May 2, 2024

        I get your skepticism, but it’s about reaching a wider audience. The quality still stands, and endorsements can help highlight that.

    • VeggiePaws May 2, 2024

      Is it really ethical to use celebrities to market pet food? Feels like the focus should be on the product’s health benefits, not star power.

      • DogMom101 May 2, 2024

        In today’s world, everything is about visibility. If using popular figures gets good products the attention they need, I’m all for it.

  2. HealthNut22 May 2, 2024

    Grain-free is the way to go for dogs, especially those with allergies. Great to see JerHigh stepping up their game with this new formula.

    • CritterCritic May 2, 2024

      I’d caution against the hype of grain-free diets. Not all dogs need it, and in some cases, it might do more harm than good. Always check with a vet.

      • HealthNut22 May 2, 2024

        Appreciate the input, but with so many dogs experiencing allergies, grain-free options can provide relief where other diets have failed.

  3. EcoWarrior May 2, 2024

    Without corn and soybeans, this looks like a win for the environment too. Less demand for these crops could mean less deforestation and pesticide use.

    • AgroAnnie May 2, 2024

      It’s not that simple. Replacing those ingredients with something else doesn’t automatically mean it’s more eco-friendly. We need more info on their sourcing.

      • EcoWarrior May 2, 2024

        Fair point. I hope JerHigh leads with transparency about their ingredient sourcing. The impact on the environment should be part of our decision-making.

  4. SalmonFan May 2, 2024

    Excited about the salmon flavor! It’s super healthy for dogs, plus mine loves anything fishy. It’s about time more flavors were introduced.

    • ChickenChaser May 2, 2024

      I disagree. Chicken should be enough for any dog. Why fix what isn’t broken? Too many flavors can be confusing and unnecessary.

      • SalmonFan May 2, 2024

        Diversity in diet can prevent allergies and food intolerances. Besides, wouldn’t you get bored eating the same thing every day?

  5. BudgetParent May 2, 2024

    All sounds great but what about the cost? Sometimes these ‘premium’ dog foods are way overpriced for what you’re getting.

    • Frugalista May 2, 2024

      Totally agree. Would love to give my dog the best, but budget is real tight. How does JerHigh compare cost-wise with other grain-free brands?

      • DealHunter May 2, 2024

        I checked their site, and surprisingly, they’re competitively priced. Plus, health benefits might save on vet bills in the long run.

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