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Kasing Lung’s Magical Art Journey: Breathing Life into Labubu

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Step into the bewitching world of Labubu, a whimsical creature that has conquered the hearts of art enthusiasts and social media users alike. But who is the maestro wielding the brush behind this beloved character? Enter Kasing Lung, the brilliant mind whose imaginative prowess birthed Labubu into existence. Born from a fusion of folklore and a boundless childhood imagination, Kasing’s creations transport us into realms filled with color, mischief, and a touch of mystery.

A Glimpse into Kasing Lung’s Enchanted Journey

Born under the neon glow of Hong Kong in 1972, Kasing Lung’s adventure began. However, it was in the verdant landscapes of the Netherlands that his imagination truly took flight. Enchanted by the tales of faeries and elves that danced through Nordic folklore, Kasing’s childhood was steeped in a world where magic lingered in the air and mythical creatures were companions of ink and paper.

In an intimate share with HYPEBEAST, Kasing reminisced, “In those days of pen and paper, without the distractions of game consoles or computers, I found solace and inspiration in storybooks brimming with ancient European elf legends. Since then, the seeds of painting fairy tales were sown deep within me.”

A nomad between worlds, Kasing’s talent flourished in Belgium, where his illustrations for children’s books earned him notable acclaim, including being honored as the first Chinese recipient of Belgium’s Illustration Award. The year 2010 marked a pivotal turn in his journey, as he ventured into the realm of toy design, ultimately leading him back to Hong Kong in 2012 where he collaborated with How2work, a venerated joy brand, to bring his visions of enchanting storybooks and collectible figures to life.

The Ascent of Labubu

In 2015, Kasing’s creative cosmos expanded to birth Labubu—the enigmatic character with a mischievous smirk that has swiftly become a beloved icon. Nestled within “The Monsters” collection, Labubu stands amongst a cast of creatures that straddle the line between the endearing and the nefarious. Despite his serrated teeth and impish grin, Labubu’s heart is pure gold, often finding himself in comedic predicaments whilst attempting to aid others.

2019 was a landmark year for Kasing Lung as he forged an exclusive licensing pact with Pop Mart, catapulting the Labubu sensation to unprecedented heights in the art toy domain.

Auction Block Triumphs

Kasing Lung’s oeuvre has not only enchanted fans but has also captivated the auction world. March of 2024 saw one of his illustrations, “Mon”, fetch a staggering HK$330,200—a testament to the captivating allure of his vivid, immersive worlds that fuse urban artistry with whimsical storytelling.

While the curtains have temporarily drawn on exhibitions, the “EVERYBODY KNOW” showcase in Hong Kong remains a whispered legend among enthusiasts, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into the kaleidoscopic mind of Kasing Lung through sketches and paintings that span his illustrious career.

Embedded within each stroke, each curve lies the essence of Kasing Lung—an artist whose divine fusion of folklore, childhood whimsy, and a dash of mischief invites us to explore the enchanting realms where Labubu and friends beckon us to wander, dream, and believe in the magic that art commands.

Ready for more enchanting tales from the world of Labubu and Pop Mart creations? Dwell in the magic, witness the wonder, and embrace the mischievous adventure that awaits.


  1. ArtLover99 April 29, 2024

    Kasing Lung’s art is more than just imaginative; it’s a pivotal addition to contemporary art. The way he merges folklore with modern-day aesthetics creates a bridge between past and present. His work deserves every bit of recognition it gets.

    • ModernArtSkeptic April 29, 2024

      Honestly, I find this whole obsession with toy art and characters like Labubu somewhat overrated. It feels like the art world is dumbing down to mere collectibles.

      • ArtLover99 April 29, 2024

        I see your point, but isn’t art supposed to evolve? Kasing Lung represents a new era where art is accessible and appreciable beyond traditional canvases and galleries.

      • ToyCollector April 29, 2024

        You’re missing the point. It’s not about the medium, it’s about the message and the connection it creates. Labubu has a global fan base for a reason.

    • FolkloreFanatic April 29, 2024

      The integration of folklore into his art adds a layer of depth that goes beyond superficial aesthetics. It’s a nod to the storytelling traditions of old, reimagined for today’s audience.

  2. Cynic123 April 29, 2024

    Is it just me, or is the commercial success overshadowing the actual artistic merit? Seems like the art market is just hungry for the next big thing.

    • MarketWatcher April 29, 2024

      It’s a valid concern, but Kasing Lung’s work transcends mere commercial success. His auction results reflect the emotional and cultural value people find in his creations.

    • NeutralObserver April 29, 2024

      Every artist has their moment under the sun thanks to trends. The real test is longevity. Let’s wait and see how Kasing Lung’s work holds up over time.

  3. HappyCollector April 29, 2024

    I was lucky enough to snag a Labubu figure last year, and it brings joy to my desk every day. Sometimes art is about the joy it brings, not just the intellectual musings it may provoke.

    • ArtConnoisseur April 29, 2024

      Joy is subjective though. What appears joyful and vibrant to one might seem frivolous to another. Does the widespread appeal of Labubu figures dilute its artistic value?

  4. EmergingArtist April 29, 2024

    Kasing Lung’s journey is truly inspiring for new artists. It shows that there’s room for innovation in art forms and mediums that hadn’t been traditionally considered ‘high art’.

    • OldSchoolPainter April 29, 2024

      Innovation is fine, but the concept of ‘high art’ exists for a reason. Not everything trendy should be considered art. The line is blurring too much.

      • EmergingArtist April 29, 2024

        But isn’t the definition of ‘art’ constantly evolving? What was once considered revolutionary is now traditional. The essence of art is expression, regardless of the medium.

  5. PhilosophyBuff April 29, 2024

    The mythical aspects of Kasing Lung’s work resonate with Carl Jung’s concept of archetypes. Labubu seems to channel the trickster archetype, embodying chaos but also bringing change and enlightenment.

    • SimplisticViewer April 29, 2024

      Interesting point, but sometimes a toy is just a toy. Maybe we’re overthinking it.

    • JungFan April 29, 2024

      Not at all! The beauty of art, including toys like Labubu, lies in its ability to personify complex ideas in ways that are accessible and relatable. Kasing Lung does this masterfully.

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