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Khao San Road businesses that sold marijuana without a permit were shut down by police

Since June 9, when cannabis was decriminalized and taken off the Public Health Ministry’s list of narcotics, cannabis outlets have appeared almost everywhere in the city. The authorities have closed down every cannabis dispensary on Bangkok’s Khao San Road for operating unlawfully on a public street. Some web users believe that stricter laws should be in place to control businesses that violate the law before something awful occurs. In the video, a street vendor can be seen rolling a joint for a customer. Others joined in and said that organizations like this should be regulated by the government. The group aimed to finish all procedures by the end of July and submit them to parliament for discussion in August. Supachai admitted that the laws governing cannabis control were still being created.
The customer cried, “This is the one thing that has me admiring this government.” They make it quite simple for us to access cannabis. Thai internet users were outraged by the film and claimed the company was breaking the law by using it for entertainment rather than for medicinal purposes. The seller did not have a license, therefore he was told not to close until he did. The member of parliament for the Bhumjaithai Party said that it could be managed by the authorities and that Chana Songkram Police Station officials would rigorously monitor marijuana businesses on Khao San Road.
The police advised the establishments that while it was not against the law to sell cannabis, doing so without a permit was not allowed. On Khao San Road, a conversation between a marijuana vendor and a customer was caught on video and instantly went viral. Yesterday, Khao San Road’s marijuana shops were investigated by Thanadon Hemaphat, Superintendent of Metropolitan Police Division 1 and Acting Superintendent of Chana Songkram Police Station. Wattawee Thaweewat, a 36-year-old cannabis vendor preparing to open shop on the sidewalk, was the person he spoke with. The Bhumjaithai Party’s Supachai Jaisamut, the head of the Cannabis and Hemp Act, informed the media that the commission was still reviewing the restrictions and regulations. He continued by asking that at this time all sellers and owners refrain from openly advertising cannabis.

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