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Lee Yong Jin Extradited: South Korean Suspect Faces Charges in Infamous Barrel-Murder Case

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The second suspect in the infamous barrel-murder case is now in police custody, thanks to the relentless efforts of Cambodian authorities who tracked him down in May. This mysterious figure, identified by Thai police as Lee Yong Jin, was taken into custody following a dramatic manhunt that spanned several countries. (Photo courtesy: Royal Thai Police via Bangkok Post)

In a case that seems straight out of a crime thriller, a Korean murder suspect apprehended in Phnom Penh has been extradited back to South Korea. He is set to face charges for his alleged involvement in the gruesome murder of his fellow countryman near Pattaya just two months ago. The suspect’s return to South Korea marks a pivotal moment in this complex international case.

South Korean authorities wasted no time bringing the 27-year-old suspect home from the Cambodian capital. Once he landed on home soil on Wednesday, he was promptly taken to the Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency, where intense interrogation sessions awaited him. The suspect’s identity, intriguingly shrouded in partial mystery, was confirmed by Thai police as Lee Yong Jin, though South Korean news agency Yonhap chose not to disclose his name.

The allegations are as chilling as they are incredulous. Lee Yong Jin, along with two other Korean nationals, reportedly masterminded and executed the murder of Roh Eui Jong. After committing the heinous act, the trio allegedly packed the body into a plastic barrel and disposed of it in the serene yet now infamous Map Prachan reservoir, located in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri, back in May. The reservoir, previously known for its idyllic scenery, now bears the chilling memory of this macabre discovery.

The mystery extends to the identities and fates of the other two suspects involved in this grim act. Thai authorities identified one of them as Lee Roun, who has since been captured in South Korea. However, the hunt for the third suspect, Kim Hyeonng Won, continues as he remains elusive and on the run. The international scope of the case highlights the complexities and challenges law enforcement faces in closing such dark chapters.

Behind the scenes, South Korean police have been involved in meticulous discussions with their Thai and Cambodian counterparts concerning the extradition and legal handling of Mr. Lee. These international talks underscore the collaborative efforts that modern policing requires, especially in cases that cross borders and jurisdictions. Cambodian authorities ultimately decided on deportation as the quickest, albeit not the simplest, means to send the suspect back to South Korea. The extradition process, fraught with procedural intricacies and potential delays, was sidestepped in favor of this expedited resolution.

This case, with its shifts and turns reminiscent of a suspense novel, continues to draw significant attention. The intertwining of multiple countries’ law enforcement agencies, the dramatic arrests, and the pursuit of justice for Roh Eui Jong paint a vivid picture of the complexities in modern crime fighting. As Lee Yong Jin faces the legal music in South Korea, the world watches closely, anticipating the unraveling of a mystery that has spanned nations and gripped the public’s imagination.


  1. Sarah July 11, 2024

    This case is so terrifying. Imagine the horror the victim must have felt. I’m glad they caught one of the suspects, but what about the others?

    • Nick Johnson July 11, 2024

      I agree, this case is gruesome. It’s scary to think people like this are out there. Do you think they’ll catch the third suspect?

      • Lee July 11, 2024

        They better catch him soon. It’s only a matter of time before he commits another crime if he’s not stopped.

        • Sarah July 11, 2024

          Exactly. These are dangerous individuals, and the authorities need to act fast.

  2. HistoricalTruth12 July 11, 2024

    It’s impressive how multiple countries had to work together to solve this case. This shows how interconnected and cooperative modern law enforcement can be.

    • Hannah G. July 11, 2024

      True, but it also highlights how crime doesn’t respect borders. We need more international cooperation for such cases.

      • Mark July 11, 2024

        Agreed. But let’s not forget the diplomatic complexities involved. It’s not always straightforward working across borders.

    • Rachel July 11, 2024

      I wonder how much money and resources are spent on such international manhunts. Is it really worth it?

  3. John D. July 11, 2024

    The extradition process seems outdated and cumbersome. We need more streamlined systems for crimes that cross international lines.

    • Emily B. July 11, 2024

      Totally agree. In some cases, the process takes so long that suspects get a chance to flee again.

      • HistoricalTruth12 July 11, 2024

        Not to mention the legal complications. Different countries have different laws and procedures, which makes it even more complicated.

  4. Raj July 11, 2024

    Why would someone put a body in a barrel and dump it in a reservoir? It’s like something out of a horror movie.

    • Ana M. July 11, 2024

      Probably thought it would never be found. Criminals are dumb like that sometimes.

      • Raj July 11, 2024

        Yeah, exactly. It’s like they don’t think cops will look there.

    • MisterMystery July 11, 2024

      Or maybe they were inspired by actual horror movies. Fiction often influences reality in twisted ways.

  5. Tom76 July 11, 2024

    I’m surprised there wasn’t more media coverage about the hunt for these suspects. Such a massive international manhunt deserves more attention.

    • Mike L. July 11, 2024

      The media is more interested in celebrity gossip than real news these days. It’s shameful.

      • Jenny July 11, 2024

        Maybe the authorities didn’t want too much media coverage interfering with their investigation?

  6. Grace July 11, 2024

    Can’t believe the suspect is only 27. What goes wrong in someone’s life to lead them to commit such a horrible act?

    • Sophia P. July 11, 2024

      It’s so disturbing. His life must have been totally warped to do something so brutal.

      • Chris July 11, 2024

        Some people are just born evil. No amount of upbringing can fix that.

      • Sophia P. July 11, 2024

        Or maybe a series of bad choices and influences. It’s complex.

  7. Alex H. July 11, 2024

    It’s a sad reality that international crimes like these keep happening. What’s the solution?

    • HistoricalTruth12 July 11, 2024

      Better education and social systems could help prevent people from turning to crime.

  8. Jessica July 11, 2024

    Does anyone know if the victim’s family has made any statements? I can’t imagine what they must be going through.

    • Hunter July 11, 2024

      I haven’t heard anything yet, but I hope they get justice soon.

  9. RealTalk88 July 11, 2024

    Why didn’t South Korea just catch him earlier if Thai police already knew who he was? Feels like a failure on their part.

  10. Sam July 11, 2024

    Watching how modern policing works on such cases is fascinating. It’s like a real-life detective show.

  11. Paula July 11, 2024

    I hope the other two suspects are caught soon. What kind of monster does something like this?

  12. Zara K. July 11, 2024

    South Korea did the right thing bringing him back so quickly. Justice must be served.

  13. Josh L. July 11, 2024

    It’s not just South Korea’s problem. This is a global issue and shows how justice systems must work together.

  14. Vicky July 11, 2024

    My heart goes out to the victim’s family. I hope they find peace someday.

  15. Lara July 11, 2024

    I can’t believe how cold-hearted some people can be. This case has shaken me to my core.

  16. Grower134 July 11, 2024

    With all the international cooperation, it feels like a real-life crime drama. Almost too bizarre to be real.

  17. Mia W. July 11, 2024

    I wonder what kind of punishment they’ll get. Is the death penalty still a thing in South Korea?

    • Chris July 11, 2024

      I believe it is, but it’s rarely used. Life sentences are more common.

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