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Mass Raid at Nasa Club in Chon Buri Uncovers Drug Use and Underage Patrons

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Picture the scene: Nasa Club in Chon Buri’s Muang district, packed to the brim with partygoers dancing the night away. It was early Saturday, and the beats were electrifying until the unexpected happened. A powerful force of 150, comprising police officers and officials from the Department of Provincial Administration, stormed the club at about 1:30 AM, instantly transforming the vibrant energy into a chaotic scramble.

Patrons, around 400 in number, found their wild night interrupted. In a frenzied attempt to evade capture, some tried to dispose of sachets of illicit substances while others dashed for the restrooms in a vain bid to flush their woes away. The officials weren’t having it, though. Every single customer was asked to undergo urine tests, which revealed a startling revelation.

Initially, officials stated that out of the crowd, 105 people—61 men and 44 women—had tested positive for drug use. As the events unfurled further into Saturday, the figure astonishingly spiked. Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul informed reporters that drug traces were found in a whopping 157 individuals—68 men and 89 women. Among these, shockingly, eight were under the legal drinking age of 20.

But wait, the revelations didn’t end there. The raid also exposed the dark underbelly of the club scene. Eight individuals were nabbed for selling drugs, one of whom was a pub guard. Another person, who had been evading capture under an arrest warrant for past drug offenses, was also cornered.

Perhaps the most heartrending find was a teenager, not even 18, present in the club. This raises questions about the safeguarding and oversight practices in such venues.

The club’s owner, identified only as Ek, will undoubtedly face the music. The charges are sprawling—operating without permission, serving alcoholic beverages beyond legal hours, sanctioning the sale and use of narcotics, and allowing an underage individual inside. Pol Capt Khetrat Charnsil, from the Territorial Defence Volunteers Administration Bureau, emphasized that Ek’s violations were severe enough for Nasa Club to face a five-year closure. This decision aligns with the mandates from the National Council for Peace and Order, which has maintained stringent public order measures following the 2014 military coup.

The early hours of Saturday might have begun with thumping beats and spirited dances but culminated in stark lessons about law enforcement and public safety. Nasa Club stands as a testament to the stringent vigilance of Chon Buri’s authorities in maintaining order and the sobering consequences of lapses in regulatory compliance.


  1. Mark J. June 15, 2024

    This seems like a well-coordinated crackdown, but is it really effective in the long run?

    • Sarah June 15, 2024

      Agreed, Mark! These raids make headlines, but do they truly deter drug use or underage drinking?

      • Emily W June 15, 2024

        I’ve seen similar operations in my area, and honestly, they barely scratch the surface. It’s a deeper societal issue.

    • Jake June 15, 2024

      Sarah, it’s a start at least. Authorities need to show they’re doing something.

      • Mark J. June 15, 2024

        True, Jake, but what about after the clubs reopen? The cycle just continues.

  2. Erik June 15, 2024

    Good! These places need to be shut down if they can’t enforce basic laws.

  3. jazzman21 June 15, 2024

    Doesn’t anyone care about personal freedoms anymore? The government is getting too involved.

    • Lawrence Davis June 15, 2024

      Personal freedom doesn’t include breaking the law, jazzman. It’s about public safety.

      • User123 June 15, 2024

        But where do we draw the line, Lawrence? How much control is too much?

    • grower134 June 15, 2024

      Jazzman, this isn’t about personal freedoms; it’s about preventing harm. Big difference.

  4. Jennifer R. June 15, 2024

    Such a sad commentary on our society that kids are getting involved in this scene. Where are the parents?

  5. Sebastian June 15, 2024

    The numbers are staggering. 157 people found using drugs! This is a crisis.

  6. Lily June 15, 2024

    I bet the club owner knew about the underage drinking and drug use.

    • Patty June 15, 2024

      Definitely. There’s no way he could miss it. It’s all about the money.

      • John D. June 15, 2024

        They should be held fully accountable and face stiff penalties.

      • Lily June 15, 2024

        Exactly, John. Maybe then other club owners will take the law seriously.

  7. xXhaterXx June 15, 2024

    This is why I don’t go to clubs. Too much illegal stuff happening.

  8. Katherine P. June 15, 2024

    What a shame. Some people just want to have a good time and now they’ll be scared to go out.

    • Harry June 15, 2024

      Maybe that’s not a bad thing, Katherine. Keeps them out of trouble.

    • Katherine P. June 15, 2024

      I see your point, Harry, but it’s really about finding a balance. Not all clubs are bad.

  9. Tom T. June 15, 2024

    At least they caught the drug sellers and that guy with the arrest warrant.

  10. Marie89 June 15, 2024

    I’m shocked by the number of underage individuals in there. Clubs should have better entry checks.

  11. Owen June 15, 2024

    If they close this club, won’t people just go somewhere else?

    • Isaac June 15, 2024

      Probably, Owen. It’s not a permanent solution. More clubs will pop up.

    • Owen June 15, 2024

      Exactly, Isaac. It’s like playing whack-a-mole with these places.

  12. Natasha June 15, 2024

    The teenage presence is the most disturbing part. Clubs need to check IDs rigorously.

    • Felicia June 15, 2024

      Agreed, if clubs did their job properly, these kids wouldn’t get in.

  13. BossMan June 15, 2024

    This club should be an example. Law enforcement is doing the right thing.

    • Clara June 15, 2024

      You’re right, BossMan. High penalties might deter others.

  14. Tyler June 15, 2024

    Why target clubs? There are drugs everywhere, even in schools.

    • Brent H. June 15, 2024

      Because clubs are a hotspot, Tyler. It’s about managing the higher risk areas first.

  15. Jenny7 June 15, 2024

    Eight people selling drugs in one club?! That’s a serious operation.

    • Douglas June 15, 2024

      Makes you wonder how many other clubs have similar issues.

  16. Andrew L. June 15, 2024

    The club owner should lose their license permanently, not just for five years.

  17. admin June 15, 2024

    These actions are necessary for public safety, folks. We need to protect our communities.

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