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Meteorological Dept. predicts rain for upper and southern Thailand through Tuesday

The Thai Meteorological Department has issued a warning to inhabitants in upper Thailand and the South to take precautions against the heavy rain that is expected to continue until Tuesday.

The department predicted that a high-pressure system would continue to linger over upper Thailand until October 14 (Friday), which would result in thundershowers, as well as isolated gusty winds and heavy rain for the next two days.

According to the forecast, the temperature in the Northeast will drop by three to five degrees Celsius, while the temperature in the North, Central, and East will decrease by one to three degrees Celsius. According to the statement made by the agency, “People should be aware of the fluctuating weather conditions and be safe.” According to the forecast, the typical easterly wind that blows through the Gulf of Mexico and the South will pick up speed, bringing heavy to extremely severe rain to the South until Tuesday. Wave heights of 2 meters or higher are anticipated in the Gulf of Mexico due to the possibility of thunderstorms. It was noted that all ships should proceed with caution until Friday, October 14 until further notice.

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