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Monarchy Madness: Senators Sabotage Move Forward Party Leader’s PM Run – Loyalty Crisis or Power Play?

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Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat recently encountered opposition from two senators who expressed their doubts about supporting him for the position of prime minister. They cited concerns over his attitude towards the monarchy. Senator Jadet Insawang, one of the dissenting voices, reminded the public that upon assuming office, he had sworn to uphold the constitution and protect the constitutional monarchy.

Insawang pointed out that both the Move Forward Party and Limjaroenrat had previously declared their intentions to repeal Section 112, which pertains to the protection of His Majesty the King. The senator argued that such a move would undermine the royal institution and, as such, was unacceptable. Section 112 falls under the lese majeste laws defined in the Criminal Code.

Jadet further stated, “If Mr. Pita is nominated [for prime minister], I will reject it because I will observe the constitution and keep my oath.” He questioned Limjaroenrat’s intentions by asking, “The institution has nothing to do with you. You will change Section 112 and lessen the penalty. I am asking why.”

Senator Kittisak Ratanawaraha also voiced his concerns, stating that a prime ministerial candidate must demonstrate loyalty to the nation, its religions, and the monarch. He added that senators would weigh the potential impact on the nation before casting their votes and noted that they had consistently demonstrated unity in their voting decisions in the past.

Ratanawaraha further noted that the Election Commission still needed to consider a complaint against Limjaroenrat’s qualification for the position. Therefore, the Move Forward Party leader’s prospects of becoming the next prime minister remain uncertain, as senators continue to scrutinize his stance on the monarchy and the larger implications of his proposed changes to the constitution.

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