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Monarchy Clash: Senators Reject Prime Minister Candidate Over Constitutional Loyalty – Thailand Torn Amidst Feuding Policies!

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At the Bangkok headquarters of the Move Forward Party, leader Pita Limjaroenrat faced questions from reporters about his stance towards the monarchy. Two senators have declared their intention not to support Pita as the new prime minister, questioning his commitment to the constitutional monarchy. Senator Jadet Insawang expressed his concerns on Monday, stating that upon taking office, he pledged to uphold the current constitution, which includes Sections 6 and 50, requiring everyone to protect the constitutional monarchy.

However, the Move Forward Party and its leader, Pita, have announced plans to repeal Section 112, which pertains to lese majeste law under the Criminal Code and is designed to protect the image of His Majesty the King. According to Senator Jadet, this move could lead to discrediting the royal institution, which he deems unacceptable. He firmly declared, “If Mr. Pita is nominated [for prime minister], I will reject it because I will observe the constitution and keep my oath.”

Senator Jadet continued by stressing the importance of the monarchy’s separation from any potential changes to Section 112, questioning Pita’s motivations for proposing such a change. “The institution has nothing to do with you. You will change Section 112 and lessen the penalty. I am asking why,” Mr. Jadet asked.

Senator Kittisak Ratanawaraha seemed to concur with Jadet’s concerns, emphasizing that a candidate for prime minister should exhibit loyalty to the nation, its religions, and the monarch. Senators are expected to take into account the impact on the nation before deciding on their support for a candidate, and past votes have usually shown unanimity among the Senate members. Kittisak also pointed out that the Election Commission still needs to review a complaint lodged against Pita’s qualifications for the prime minister position.

The conflict surrounding the Move Forward Party and its leader Pita’s stance on the constitutional monarchy reflects the complexity of balancing progressive policy changes while respecting and maintaining the country’s long-standing traditions and institutions. How these issues ultimately unfold will no doubt play a significant role in shaping Thailand’s future political landscape.

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  1. john May 19, 2023

    the only reason this would need to be changed would be if Royalty was somehow misusing it? second reason would be to make a second reason to change something else to alien with it (hidden reason) the man needs to lay his cards on the table.

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