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Monk-turned-ladyboy answers netizens over her BMW purchase

Online trolls have recently questioned Prairie’s most recent 3.6 million baht BMW acquisition as well as its funding. Prairie responded to questions from internet users who wanted to know how she become so wealthy. His followers were shocked when Phra Maha Phraiwan made the decision to leave the monastic life in December 2021 in order to pursue a career as a full-time influencer. His live lectures would attract up to 100,000 viewers.

On her 2.3 million-strong Facebook page, Prairie told the audience the tale of how she came to possess the pricey car. I make a trip to work every day! Working four or five jobs a day, selling everything from durians to chili paste and sauce. Why am I unable to buy it? “I bought the BMW with cash. I find finances to be boring. I commute myself to work every day, where I spend my meals and regard it as a second home. The automobile is everything to me. Live your life and buy what you want. That is how I live. I’ve already acknowledged my status as a spoiled brat. I need to look for myself. I used to look like a monk, yet I still require employment to survive.

Thailand’s Buddhist monks and nuns’ level of education is the “Ninth Degree” of Pali studies, which is extremely difficult to complete. In 2021, Phra Maha Phraiwan, a well-known author, rose to fame for his well-received Buddhist sermons. Tests are rarely successful for monastics. Previously known as “Prairie,” former monk Phra Maha Phraiwan switched in his orange robes for an orange suit and bought a BMW.

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