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Now is the time to suggest Thai names for both stars and planets

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The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand is seeking suggestions for Thai names as part of an international competition. The recommended names from astronomers must be submitted by October 7th. Suphachai Awiphan, a researcher at Narit, claims that the star GJ 3470 and the planet GJ 3470b that orbits it are both in quest of Thai names. Although Suphachai asserts that the star and planet were initially found in 2012, Thai astronomers have only recently verified their existence. The aim of the competition is to identify newly discovered or verified extrasolar planets and stars.

Two-person teams must be at least 18 years old to compete. Teams of three underage participants are not allowed.Teams must explain how the names of the star and planet link to one another in three to four phrases. There must be four to sixteen characters in English names. The names must be “for items, persons, or places of cultural significance that are renowned in geography or history and have a lengthy history,” according to the application form.

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