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Over 100 in Phuket were taken advantage of by a visa agency

The Phuket Immigration Office’s Thanes Sookchai requested information regarding the victims’ immigration status from the victims. However, some foreigners have stayed past the statutory 90 days. To file a class action lawsuit against the dishonest immigration agencies, the victims banded together yesterday. The incident is being investigated, Mueng Phuket Police Station Superintendent Sarawut Chooprasit told the reporters yesterday. On its Facebook page on Sunday, the nonprofit organization Help Crime Victim Club poked fun of the Phuket police for not doing enough to catch the burglars. The passports of these foreigners were kept on file, and a price was upfront. According to the story, numerous tourists discovered their visas hadn’t been issued after waiting three months to receive their passports returned. Many visitors even did not get their passports returned as a result of agency employees running away. They discovered there had been other foreigners who had been victims of comparable visa fraud events reported from all throughout Thailand when they engaged a lawyer to represent them at the conference. Asia Titan Group ATG and Phuket Siam Corporation Service are only two of the visa agencies that foreign nationals who were duped into paying money for a visa extension have highlighted. More than 100 foreigners in Phuket enlisted the help of a non-profit organization and a class action lawyer after being duped out of thousands of baht by visa agents. Later, the travelers learned that the agencies had stolen the money and had overstayed their invitation because of their status. According to the Help Crime Victim Club website, the group offered a service in Phuket to prolong visitor visas. Foreigners who had just been in the country for a short period of time—less than 90 days—had to visit the immigration office. Thankfully, those who overstayed their visas by less than 90 days can still individually apply for a renewal. It was believed that visitors would keep track of their own visa renewals. He stated that additional visa agencies were taking part in the inquiry and that if it was proven that they had willfully taken money from foreigners, they would be charged with deception and fraud. Thanes pleaded with everyone who had been hurt by dishonest organizations to call the officers at 086-4077-763 and 076-211905, press 110, to talk with them. Thanes promised that the overstayers wouldn’t be imprisoned. Depending on the troubles each person had, the police would handle them differently.

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