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Phuket’s Governor Denounces Actions of New Zealand Brothers in High-Profile Street Scuffle

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In the ever-buzzing island of Phuket, renowned for its crystal-clear waters, picturesque beaches, and vibrant nightlife, a rather extraordinary incident unfolded, shaking the usually peaceful coexistence of locals and tourists. This story takes us to the bustling streets of Phuket, where tranquility was momentarily disrupted by an act so unexpected, it prompted the island’s governor to step in.

It was a typical sunny afternoon when Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somsak Noo-iad from the Chalong station found himself in an unusual predicament—a roadside scuffle that would soon draw widespread attention. Our tale revolves around two brothers from New Zealand, whose holiday took a turn for the worse, spiraling into an event that left the local authorities and international community in disbelief.

Phuket’s governor, Sophon Suwannarat, in a stance of unwavering determination, publicly condemned the actions of these two brothers. With a tone of disbelief and concern, he addressed the media, stating, “Such an attack, no matter whether it happens to our officials or [ordinary] people, is intolerable.” During a press conference, filled with a palpable tension, he narrated the events that transpired, emphasizing the gravity and sheer audacity of the brothers’ actions.

The saga began when Hamish and Oscar Day, aged 34 and 36 respectively, decided to zoom past the Chalong police station at speeds that would make even the bravest heart skip a beat. Their disregard for traffic rules was soon noticed by Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somsak Noo-iad, who valiantly attempted to halt their reckless adventure. Undeterred, the brothers seemed to be on a mission, ignoring the officer’s commands.

What ensued was a chase worthy of a blockbuster movie, with Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somsak hot on their trail. Their encounter escalated quickly when, after being cornered, the brothers responded not with compliance but with defiance, culminating in a physical altercation that saw the officer wrestling on the ground with one of the brothers—an individual whose prowess in mixed martial arts turned the tussle into a perilous struggle.

In an unexpected twist, amid the chaos, a gunshot echoed through the air, a stark reminder of the severity of the situation. Yet, by some stroke of luck or perhaps fate, no one was harmed. The confrontation reached its climax when the brothers, in a bold move, disarmed the officer, a scene that left onlookers in disbelief.

However, as is often the case with tales of turmoil, justice began to weave its narrative. The swift arrival of backup officers prevented the situation from further escalation, marking the beginning of the end for the brothers’ ill-fated escapade. Their actions bore severe consequences—revocation of visas, blacklisting, and a series of charges that served as a sobering reminder of the importance of respecting the law, regardless of one’s nationality.

In the aftermath, Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somsak Noo-iad, though slightly injured, was a testament to the resilience of those who serve and protect. The community rallied around him, offering support both moral and financial. Meanwhile, the incident served as a wake-up call, a narrative punctuated with lessons on responsibility, the sanctity of law, and the unwavering spirit of Phuket’s guardians.

As for the brothers, their story serves as a cautionary tale, a vivid reminder of how quickly paradise can turn into purgatory when actions are guided by impulse rather than integrity. Phuket, with its inviting shores and warm smiles, continues to welcome visitors from all corners of the globe, its spirit undimmed, a beacon of harmony and a testament to the enduring bond between its people and the law that keeps them safe.


  1. KiwiExplorer March 18, 2024

    As a New Zealander, I’m utterly embarrassed by the actions of these two. Not the kind of news you want your countrymen to make while abroad.

    • LawAbider March 18, 2024

      It’s really about individual choices and actions, not the country. Every country has its share of unruly tourists.

      • KiwiExplorer March 18, 2024

        True, I guess it’s just unfortunate these individuals decided to act this way. It puts a spotlight on all of us.

    • TravelHolic March 18, 2024

      Doesn’t matter where they’re from, it’s just plain disrespect. When you’re a guest in another country, act like it.

  2. SarahJ March 18, 2024

    This is why tourists get a bad rep. It’s a few individuals ruining it for the rest. Phuket is such a peaceful place too.

    • PhuketLocal March 18, 2024

      We welcome tourists with open arms but respect is key. This incident has been shocking to the community.

  3. GlobalCitizen March 18, 2024

    Every action has consequences, especially in a foreign land. Major props to the local police for handling the situation well.

    • RightsWatcher March 18, 2024

      Indeed, but let’s also talk about the excessive use of a firearm. Lucky that no one was hurt. Policing needs to ensure safety for all.

    • PeaceSeeker March 18, 2024

      Yes, the situation could have ended much worse. It’s a reminder of the delicate balance officers must maintain.

  4. Adventurer101 March 18, 2024

    Seriously though, what were they thinking?! This is not some action movie; this is real life with real consequences.

  5. Nomad March 18, 2024

    What a story! Glad no one was seriously hurt. The brothers surely got a vacation to remember, albeit for the wrong reasons.

    • LessonLearner March 18, 2024

      Hope it teaches them a lesson. Respecting laws is not optional, especially not in another country.

  6. PolicyGuy March 18, 2024

    This incident should prompt a discussion on how to better educate travelers about respecting local laws and cultures. It’s increasingly necessary.

    • CultureVulture March 18, 2024

      Absolutely, cultural sensitivity training should be a thing before traveling. Ignorance is no excuse.

  7. TruthSayer March 18, 2024

    Honestly, these kinds of tourists believe they can get away with anything. They think laws don’t apply to them overseas, smh.

    • KiwiExplorer March 18, 2024

      It’s disheartening. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you’re above the law. Actions have repercussions.

  8. DefenderOfTheLaw March 18, 2024

    The law is the law, whether at home or abroad. Kudos to the police officer for doing his job under difficult circumstances.

  9. MMAFan March 18, 2024

    The part about mixed martial arts being used during the scuffle was interesting. It’s a reminder that skills need to be used responsibly.

  10. TravelerTom March 18, 2024

    This situation could’ve been avoided with better choices. As travelers, we have a responsibility to act better.

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