As the investigation continues, officials have not ruled out the prospect of a more serious charge, according to sources. Despite informing authorities that her compatriot’s death was an accident for which no one is to blame, Natalia Kosenkova, 35, announced she had been released from detention last week and accused Jordanian Ahmad Radi Mustafa Alatoom, one of the foreign males present at the time, of acting “inappropriately.” Last week, Regional Police Commander Police Lieutenant General Amphon Buarapphon told reporters that the Russian diplomatic mission was satisfied with police investigations into the death of Evgenia Smirnova, 37, who died in the early hours of June 7th after falling 80 feet while intoxicated from an external staircase (inset) at the Emerald Terrace condominium building in Phuket’s Patong nightlife area. Natalia Kosenkova, 35, one of the suspects in the death of Evgenia Smirnova, a 37-year-old Russian woman, claimed recently that she had been released from police custody and seemed to imply that one of those who attended a drug- and alcohol-fueled sex party at a seventh and eighth-floor condominium unit in Phuket’s Patong nightlife area acted inappropriately.

After determining that three foreign nationals who were at the apartment at the time at a booze and sex party should face charges of negligent homicide, police in Phuket are still investigating the case of a 37-year-old Russian woman who died after falling from a balcony of an apartment in the Patong area on Tuesday, June 7th. While authorities investigate the murder of a 37-year-old Russian lady on June 7th in Patong’s nightlife district, Phuket’s police chief warns of the hazards of inebriated tourists and the duty of care owed to the island’s growing number of international visitors. Three foreigners were caught and charged with negligent murder in relation with the tragedy after attending a pre-incident drinking and sex party on the 7th and 8th levels.

According to the working model, DJ, and former dental assistant, the elderly Russian woman’s death in the early hours of Tuesday morning among Phuket’s loud party scene was simply an unfortunate accident.

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