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Police Durian Scandal: Thanchanon Sriusadawutkul Exposes Corruption Allegations

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A vendor in the Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan caught the public’s eye last month, deftly preparing the famously pungent durian for eager customers. (Photo: Somchai Poomlard)

On a related note, the superintendent of Kantharalak Police in Si Sa Ket, Pol Col Narin Bhupta, found himself in the hot seat over reports suggesting he ordered the procurement of these sought-after fruits for a visit from senior officers. Responding to claims made by Move Forward Party (MFP) deputy secretary-general Thanchanon Sriusadawutkul, Pol Col Narin firmly denied the allegations.

Thanchanon’s concerns stemmed from a leaked Line chat, which appeared to pressure junior officers into acquiring durians for their superiors’ upcoming inspection. The practice, he claimed, highlighted the deeply ingrained patronage system within the police force. “Even if such actions are seen as traditions within government circles,” he commented, “they should be outrightly condemned.”

Thanchanon expressed that such directives, though informal, place junior officers in a difficult position. Refusing an order, even one that seems trivial, can be daunting, especially when it jeopardizes their jobs and burdens their already tight budgets.

“These expectations can lead to a toxic environment where junior officers are coerced into actions that verge on extortion,” Thanchanon explained. The incident with the durian was merely the tip of the iceberg, hinting at a larger, more pervasive issue that requires immediate and serious attention.

In an impassioned appeal, Thanchanon urged senior officers to exhibit steadfast commitment against corruption. “To combat corruption effectively, we need policies that target these practices head-on, along with leadership that models integrity,” he stated.

As part of a broader reform agenda, the MFP member advocated for measures promoting transparency and accountability. Key among his recommendations was the establishment of more accessible channels for the public to report graft, and an emphasis on improving the working conditions for junior officers. “Better living conditions and a sense of duty and honesty are essential for restoring trust,” he continued.

Training on ethics and morality should become a staple within the force, coupled with regular workshops on relevant laws to ingrain a culture of integrity. Thanchanon also supported implementing positive reinforcement strategies such as integrity awards, while advocating for harsher penalties for offenders.

Pol Col Narin assured that his superiors were informed of the matter, and that an investigation is currently ongoing. The hope is that decisive actions will not only address the immediate issue but also pave the way for future reforms within the police force.


  1. Alex June 9, 2024

    This whole thing about ordering durians for visits just shows how deep-rooted the corruption is in the system!

    • Lily P June 9, 2024

      I agree! It’s ridiculous that junior officers have to spend their own money on such things. This is clearly exploitation.

      • DamonG June 9, 2024

        But isn’t this just a part of traditional gift-giving in many cultures? Maybe it’s blown out of proportion.

    • Alex June 9, 2024

      Traditional or not, exploitation disguised as tradition is still exploitation. It needs to stop.

  2. Nina Baker June 9, 2024

    Why are we focusing on durians when there are more pressing issues to address in the police force?

    • Eduardo R June 9, 2024

      Because it’s not just about the durians. It’s a symptom of larger systemic issues.

  3. Tommy June 9, 2024

    As someone who has lived in Thailand, I believe this story reflects the sad reality many face. Patronage and corruption are intertwined and hard to dismantle.

  4. AnnaD June 9, 2024

    It’s commendable that Thanchanon is taking a stand against this. We need more leaders with integrity.

    • Geoff June 9, 2024

      Politicians often talk about reform, but nothing changes. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • AnnaD June 9, 2024

      True, but every small step counts. Public support can push for real change.

  5. blackcat33 June 9, 2024

    What a ridiculous scandal. They should just let the police do their job and stop nitpicking on every small thing.

    • Sara W June 9, 2024

      It’s not nitpicking when corruption is involved. These ‘small things’ reflect bigger issues.

  6. M Lee June 9, 2024

    Training on ethics and morality is a good start, but will it be enough? Corruption is a big beast to tackle.

    • Kate O June 9, 2024

      Agreed. Incentives for good behavior might encourage some change, but penalties for corruption need to be tougher.

    • M Lee June 9, 2024

      Yes, stricter penalties coupled with ethics training might create a more profound impact.

  7. Phokhompheng June 9, 2024

    Durian or no durian, bribery has destroyed the essence of law enforcement in our country.

  8. Jim Larsen June 9, 2024

    So who’s going to investigate the investigators? Doesn’t seem like Pol Col Narin is trustworthy if he’s part of the old system.

    • ElenaG June 9, 2024

      Good point. This just looks like the fox guarding the henhouse.

  9. John June 9, 2024

    If junior officers are being pressured this much, I wonder how many other similar orders go unnoticed.

  10. Karen B June 9, 2024

    This reeks of a scapegoat situation. There must be bigger fish involved.

    • Mina Park June 9, 2024

      Right? They’re probably covering up for someone even higher in the hierarchy.

  11. Tony June 9, 2024

    Can’t believe in 2023 we’re still dealing with police corruption at this level. It’s like we’re stuck in the past.

    • Lucia June 9, 2024

      Corruption doesn’t just disappear with time. It persists because it benefits certain people.

    • Tony June 9, 2024

      True. It’s just depressing how slow progress seems to be.

  12. Ben W June 9, 2024

    Simple solution: Ensure transparency and accountability in all police dealings. Think of technology like body cams.

    • Nathan L June 9, 2024

      Body cams are great for catching bribery attempts, but long-term training and cultural shifts are also necessary.

  13. Sophie June 9, 2024

    Positive reinforcement strategies can be quite effective. Let’s hope they implement them.

  14. MattThinks June 9, 2024

    Durian for dignitaries, what a unique twist! But seriously, this highlights some bigger governance problems.

  15. Catherine A June 9, 2024

    Ethics workshops are essential, but if the leadership itself is corrupt, what’s the point?

    • Jude June 9, 2024

      Leadership sets the tone. Changing leadership might be the first step needed.

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