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Prepare for the Unforeseen! Royal Phuket Marina’s Carbon-Neutral Ambition Defies Expectations – Thailand’s First Certified Sustainable Marina Steps up in Global Green Race!

The prestigious Royal Phuket Marina (RPM) has the distinguished honour of being officially recognised as Thailand’s top sustainable marina. Having achieved certification by Thailand’s TGO Authority as a respected Carbon Footprint Organisation (CFO), they are racing ahead towards the ambitious goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral marina, globally. This commitment is driven by significant emissions reduction and advanced carbon offsetting strategies.

Presently, Royal Phuket Marina holds the unique status of not only being the only marina in Thailand but also the singular hospitality and real estate developer company in Phuket, to achieve recognition from the esteemed Carbon Footprint for Organisation. This certification, granted by Thailand’s Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO), is a mark of excellence acknowledged only after a rigorous inspection of the organisation’s carbon footprint. The standards of this certification mirror the high bar set by international accrediting bodies such as the International Accreditation Forum and the Thai National accreditation institution, the National Standardisation Council of Thailand.

Mr. Gulu Lalvani, the esteemed Chairman of Royal Phuket Marina, expressed his pride and gratitude. He stated, “Achieving the esteemed CFO certification is a testament of RPM’s strong commitment to sustainability, an ethos visible in our entire operation matrix. We continue to spotlight Thailand’s boating and marina industry with our unwavering commitment to sustainability.”

He added, “We are honoured with this government acknowledgement as the only marina in Thailand and the singular hospitality and real estate developer company in Phuket to hold CFO certification. Our vision is to uphold our ranking as Asia’s eminent sustainable yachting paradise and lead the charge towards achieving the status of the world’s first carbon-neutral marina.

Royal Phuket Marina is more than a marina; it is a hub for living, working, and celebrating life’s offerings while revelling in the magnificent marina lifestyle. Uncompromising in our standards, we continue to make continuous enhancements to our boating, residential, and commercial facilities. Recognition for efforts towards sustainability has also arrived in the form of a nomination for a prestigious ESG award by the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC).”

Another feather in RPM’s cap of achievements is its successful transit to harnessing the power of the sun. Earlier in the year, RPM was awarded a Letter of Recognition (LOR) under the innovative Low Emission Support Scheme (LESS) by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO). This award was in recognition of the successful adoption of solar productivity measures. Currently, the marina satisfies up to 40% of its daily energy requirements via clean, sustainable solar power, with plans afoot to accelerate this potential further.

Also, RPM in alignment with its boating partners is striving to diminish and ultimately eradicate the distribution of all single-use plastic bottles during boating tours and charters. This bold move is estimated to curtail the consumption of around 4 million plastic bottles every year.

Beyond this, RPM has proactively cultivated sustainable alliances through active community participation and synergy with reputed organisations like the International SeaKeepers Society, Oceans For All Foundation, License to Clean, Wawa Creations, and Disabled Sailing Thailand.

Embedded in the very ethos of RPM is the tenet of sustainability. Leading the marina industry by example, Royal Phuket Marina continues to navigate the course of environmental responsibility not just within its ambit but also for Phuket at large.

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