At a presentation, Phuket Provincial Administration Organization president Rewat Areerob praised the Rawai community’s support for the new attraction. The new landmark for Phuket is being built with aid from the island’s provincial administration in an effort to draw both Thai and foreign tourists. Rewat underlined that this kind of monument will be a popular destination for domestic travelers and that many Thais have not yet visited Phuket. A glass terrace on Surin Beach and a glass bridge in Rawai are two significant viewpoint-style attractions that are now being built in Phuket. According to the contract, the procedure will be finished before August and the design should be finished before the end of this year. The project will benefit the neighborhood and is currently being investigated and designed. Rewat gave attendees of the conference, which was hosted at the Sunsuri Hotel in Rawai, details about the bridge’s architecture. During a community meeting on Tuesday in Rawai, the Khao Daeng Glass Bridge, which would offer a fresh vantage point and tourism destination for the island’s more somber south, was authorized. In addition to submitting a proposal to the government and Forestry Department, the PPAO has already retained a consulting firm to carry out the study and develop the projects. 200 million Thai Baht is the projected budget. Rewat went on to note that the meeting gave the Rawai community a chance to voice its concerns on the planned bridge project as well as other issues including parking and public amenities.

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