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Reviving Bangkok’s Hidden Gem: MP Kriangyot Sudlapha’s Plea for Klong Ong Ang’s Restoration

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In the bustling heart of Bangkok, where the fusion of culture and tradition meets the modern urban landscape, lies an enchanting historical gem that is crying out for attention – Klong Ong Ang. An integral part of Bangkok’s rich cultural tapestry, this canal has sadly fallen into a state of neglect, much to the concern of locals and the disappointment of tourists alike. A valiant call to arms was issued by none other than a revered member of the United Thai Nation Party (UTN), MP Kriangyot Sudlapha, who passionately addressed the guardians of our city, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), urging them to revive the lost charm of this treasured site.

Imagine walking through the vibrant streets of China Town, where every corner tells a story, and arriving at Klong Ong Ang. This area, lying serenely in the Phra Nakhon district, is designed to be a public oasis amidst the urban rush. Back in 2015, the BMA embarked on a commendable mission to reclaim this site, breathing new life into it by 2019. They cleared the canal waters, laid down smooth walking paths, and adorned the walls with captivating street art, transforming Klong Ong Ang into a dynamic public space for all to enjoy.

As night falls and the weekend beckons, the area around Klong Ong Ang would burst into life with vibrant walking street activities that captured the essence of Bangkok’s lively spirit. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, locals and tourists alike were drawn to this bustling hub, eager to partake in the merriment, support local businesses, and bask in the communal joy that this walking street offered.

Alas, despite its initial brilliance, the allure of Klong Ong Ang has dimmed. Mr. Kriangyot Sudlapha paints a somber picture of the current state, where the once-crystal waters are marred by pollution, the welcoming walkways now serve as beds for the homeless, and the once-lively walking street activities have dwindled into silence. “Why,” Mr. Kriangyot implores, “has the BMA turned its back on engaging the community and fostering prosperity for the local businesses through these activities?”

In an unexpected twist of fate, despite its falling grace, Klong Ong Ang was honored with the prestigious “2020 Asian Townscape Award” by the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat) in 2021. This accolade was a testament to the collaborative spirit of the municipal administration, business operators, planners, designers, and the community at large. Recognized for its environmental friendliness, sustainability, respect for local culture, artistic flair, and regional impact, Klong Ong Ang stood as a beacon of integrated urban development.

This tale of Klong Ong Ang is not just a story of neglect but a clarion call for revitalization. It reminds us of the transient beauty of our cultural heritage sites and the imperative need to preserve them. As Mr. Kriangyot Sudlapha raises the flag, echoing through the corridors of power and into the hearts of the citizenry, one can only hope that his fervent plea will ignite a renewed commitment to safeguarding the charm and vitality of Klong Ong Ang. Let us all rally behind this cause, rekindle the spark of this historical marvel, and ensure that Klong Ong Ang continues to be a gleaming jewel in Bangkok’s illustrious crown.


  1. ThaiTraveler March 7, 2024

    Absolutely support this! Walking through Klong Ong Ang after its initial restoration was magical. It’s saddening to hear it’s been neglected again. Revitalization can’t come soon enough.

    • BangkokNative March 7, 2024

      I remember the transformation back in 2019. It became a vibrant place almost overnight. It’s more than just an area; it’s a piece of our culture. We can’t let it fade away.

      • GreenWarrior March 7, 2024

        Exactly, it’s not just about aesthetics either. It’s about preserving our environment and making the city more livable. Restoring Klong Ong Ang is a step towards sustainability.

    • SkepticOne March 7, 2024

      Revitalization efforts are just cosmetic fixes if there’s no long-term plan for maintenance and community involvement. History has shown these projects lose momentum.

      • ThaiTraveler March 7, 2024

        You have a point, but isn’t starting better than letting it deteriorate? With proper oversight and community engagement, I believe it can be different this time.

      • UrbanPlanner101 March 7, 2024

        Absolutely correct. A revitalization without a sustainable model is a temporary fix. The key is integrating maintenance into the city’s budget and fostering a strong community stewardship program.

  2. CulturalCritic March 7, 2024

    Why focus on Klong Ong Ang when there are numerous historical sites across Bangkok in dire need of attention? It feels like a selective preservation based on tourism revenue rather than cultural significance.

    • HistoryBuff March 7, 2024

      While I understand your point, preserving Klong Ong Ang could set a precedent for other historical sites. Success here can inspire broader revitalization and attract much-needed focus and funds.

      • CulturalCritic March 7, 2024

        That’s an optimistic take, but hasn’t this ‘success leads to more success’ philosophy failed us before? What guarantees its effectiveness now?

      • ArtLover March 7, 2024

        It’s about momentum. A well-maintained, lively Klong Ong Ang could become the heart of cultural revival in Bangkok. It’s not just the site, it’s what it represents.

    • Economist_Th March 7, 2024

      Tourism is a significant part of Bangkok’s economy. Revitalizing Klong Ong Ang can revive local businesses and create jobs, having a ripple effect on the community’s prosperity.

      • CulturalCritic March 7, 2024

        Economic benefits are clear, but how do we balance this with cultural preservation? Must we commercialize every aspect of our heritage for it to be valued?

  3. FuturePlanner March 7, 2024

    Interesting to see Klong Ong Ang receiving attention again. Wondering if integrating smart technologies for maintenance and pollution control could be a game-changer for long-term sustainability.

    • TechSavvy March 7, 2024

      Smart tech could definitely help, especially with pollution monitoring and waste management. But it requires significant investment and public-private partnerships to be effective.

      • PitchPerfect March 7, 2024

        And let’s not forget community education on the benefits of these technologies. People need to be on board and actively participate for any solution to work.

      • OldSchool March 7, 2024

        Modern problems require modern solutions, sure. But sometimes traditional ways of managing resources and communities are overlooked. Both need to be considered.

  4. DailyCommuter March 7, 2024

    As someone who passes by Klong Ong Ang daily, I’ve seen its decline firsthand. It’s a shame. The area has so much potential to be a peaceful retreat in this chaotic city.

    • MindfulCitizen March 7, 2024

      It’s more than just a ‘peaceful retreat’. It’s about reclaiming public spaces for the community’s benefit. We need these spaces for our collective well-being.

      • CitySlicker March 8, 2024

        I agree, but how do we ensure it doesn’t become overcrowded or overly commercialized? Finding that balance is key.

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