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Revolution in the Skies! EVA Air to Purchase Next-Gen Aircraft for a Staggering $10.1 Billion!

With an unwavering commitment to its growth trajectory and a focus on providing superlative passenger experiences, EVA Air has embarked on an exhilarating new chapter. As part of our ambitious expansion plans and our ongoing commitment to refresh and upgrade our fleet, we have set the wheels in motion for the procurement of a cutting-edge fleet of the next-generation aircraft.

Injecting a dash of excitement, we have disclosed plans to introduce 18 Airbus A350-1000 wide-body aircraft to our fleet between the years 2026 to 2030. We’re also keeping our options open with purchase options for six more. This game-changing aircraft, symbolic of Airbus’s latest generation of long-range, wide-body passenger aircraft, promises a staggering flying range of up to 8,000 nautical miles. As we continue to address capacity needs and lay the groundwork for expansion, particularly in North America, this becomes a pivotal move, bolstering our market viability immensely. Ah, and let’s not forget the sheer comfort our passengers will experience on board!

Next on our acquisition list is 15 Airbus A321neos, an industry favorite and a shining star amongst the short-range narrow-body passenger aircraft. Scheduled to make their grand entrance beginning in 2029 till 2032, these are essentially an upgraded version of the A321-200s we currently have. They will fit like a glove into our operations, offering incredible compatibility to our existing models, making it easier for our flight crews to operate interchangeably among the models. This effective move is also predicted to mitigate the need for additional staff and curtail training costs. With evident strategic planning, the A321-200s will be gradually replaced with these models before we hit 2032.

Where does EVA stand currently in terms of its operational fleet? Well, we boast of 86 aircraft in operation at present. Adding some extra firepower, we have already lined up 14 more aircraft, including four Boeing B787-10s, nine B787-9s, and one B777 freighter. We anticipate these additions making their way to us by 2027.

As we sign off these exciting developments, it’s impossible to overlook the hefty bill associated with our recent aircraft spree. Brace yourself for the staggering figure of US$10.1 billion, earmarked as the official 2023 Airbus list price for our 33 new passenger aircraft.

So, strap in tight and get ready to soar in the skies with EVA Air like never before! We are revolutionizing the skies and leaving no stone unturned in bringing to you a flying experience par excellence.

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