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Revolutionizing Safety in Thailand! Will Chinese Police Patrolling Tourist Hotspots Boost Confidence and Combat Crime?

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After engaging in a substantive dialogue with Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thapanee Kiatphaibool, esteemed director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand(TAT), revealed on Sunday an actionable game plan for strengthening security and uplifting the quality of services afforded to tourists relishing the beauty of Thailand.

Attaining these vibrant goals, Thapanee added, requires the nurturing of a strong alliance between the TAT, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and the leadership at the Central Investigation Bureau and Tourist Police. This collaborative approach is the first step towards fortifying Thailand’s tourism sector.

On November 15, an insightful conversation is scheduled to take place with officials from the Chinese embassy. The purpose of this discussion revolves around enlisting Chinese police officers for patrolling duties in Thailand’s most frequented tourist cities. This strategic move, inspired by an effective model currently in use in Italy, is anticipated to mirror the same levels of success. The chosen cities for this initiative are yet to be revealed.

This move is expected to be the driving force behind Thailand’s goal of welcoming around 4.4 million passionate Chinese tourists in the remaining days of this year. Giving a statement on this innovative strategy, Thapanee commented, “The introduction of Chinese police in Thailand is paramount in instilling a sense of security among Chinese tourists. Furthermore, seeing their national law enforcement officers ensuring their safety will significantly increase their confidence in Thailand as a secure travel destination.”

The rate of Chinese tourists arriving in Thailand has experienced a slight dip following an unfortunate incident where a 14-year-old gunman unleashed terror in a Bangkok mall, resulting in the demise of one Chinese tourist and leaving another with grievous injuries.

In a different dialogue concluded before his departure for the illustrious 30th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in San Francisco, Prime Minister Thavisin broached several concerning issues, ranging from the problematic affixation of stickers on trucks by highway police post bribery to the hullabaloo surrounding pork smuggling.

Casting his disapproval at the unimpressive progress made in curbing pork smuggling, the premier questioned law enforcement agents regarding their efforts. He reiterated directives previously issued to mitigate this illegal practice, expressing his vexation over the perceived lack of advancement. Additionally, he addressed a recent scandal involving a road issue in Bangkok. Here, safety measures were compromised when concrete slabs concealing a gaping hole buckled under a heavily loaded truck’s weight. Interestingly, this truck had a sticker indicating that it had been a beneficiary of a bribe, allowing it to bypass checks without undergoing the mandatory weight assessment.

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