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Ritual Turns Catastrophic: Woman Incinerates Car in Unusual Religious Ceremony – Discover the Terrifying Chain of Events!

In an unfortunate turn of events, a woman’s seemingly innocent devotion to her automobile spiraled into an inferno. Conducting a candle and incense ritual to honor her vehicle on the occasion of Chinese Sart Day, her good intentions turned calamitous as her car, situated in a private parking bay in Samut Songkhram, got swallowed up in a fearsome blaze. This alarming spectacle also put over 20 neighboring vehicles at risk of a similar fate.

Galvanized by the developing crisis, firefighters wasted no time in racing to the scene to tame the voracious flames. The car at the eye of the storm was a Honda Civic Sedan, bearing the registration number 5กช6480, and belonged to 36-year-old Alisa. Parked securely within the confines of a private lot, the fiery disaster engulfed her automobile rather swiftly.

The setting of the blaze proved particularly treacherous given its proximity to a fleet of over 20 automobiles packed in the same area. It required around 20 minutes of relentless effort from the firefighters to regain control over the escalating situation.

Rummaging through the remnants of the fire-ravaged car, the mother of the distraught owner shared that her daughter had kindled the candles and incense to pay homage to her beloved vehicle during the annual Chinese Sart ceremony. These were placed on a plastic floral garnish tied to car’s front number plate and left unattended as she retreated indoors to continue her rituals. The severity of the situation became apparent only when they were shocked with an emergency call about the fire.

In the light of this unsettling occurrence, the local fire brigade has sent out a stern caution to the public. They have urged everyone to exercise utmost vigilance with open fires and never to leave them without supervision to prevent such devastations, as reported by KhaoSod.

Car fires have indeed transformed into a mounting concern in the vibrant land of Thailand. An earlier incident shocked bystanders as a luxurious vehicle succumbed to flames on the iconic Bhumibol Bridge. Astonishingly, the fiery incident left no casualties although the vehicle was completely burnt down. Yet, the fire was staved off within the span of 30 minutes with the firefighters, once again, arriving to the rescue.

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A recent close shave involving an educator and a vehicle fire while commuting to school has raised a few eyebrows. It’s postulated that the root cause of this might have been a potential flaw in the engine mechanism.

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