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South Korea was warned to lift restrictions immediately or risk losing Thai tourists

According to the tourism sector in Thailand, South Korea needs to loosen its visa requirements to draw more Thai visitors. After the Covid-19 epidemic receded on April 1, South Korea removed its travel bans, but the Thai tourist board is concerned that it didn’t go far enough. The Thai tourism board warned South Korea to step up efforts or risk losing these tourists. South Korean tourism rivals are alarmed.

According to them, the government’s strict rules are sending Thai tourists to other nations that are willing to accept their money. Thai travel agencies and tour operators were asked by Gyeonggi Vacation Organization (GTO) and Korean Air to promote new tourist destinations in Gyeonggi, a suburb of Seoul. According to the Global Tourism Observatory, Thailand was the Southeast Asian country that sent the most visitors to South Korea in 2019. (GTO). The RT-PCR test, according to Kang Dong-Han, director of GTO’s international tourist department, deters tourists. Even though the exam requirement was eliminated on October 1, there are still obstacles, according to Kang. Japan and Hong Kong, both popular tourist destinations in Thailand, no longer require hotel quarantine for foreign visitors. Japan also recently reintroduced visa-free travel for many countries.

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