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Starting June 9, Marijuana sanctions will be abolished

Even if you use cannabis and hemp products and extracts legally at home, smoking them could lead to criminal charges because it is a public nuisance. People can file a public nuisance complaint against cannabis users or smoke manufacturers, who, if proved guilty, might face a three-month prison sentence and a fine of up to 25,000 baht. If the THC or CBD concentration is less than 0.2 percent, any part of the cannabis or hemp plant, including the leaves, stems, fibers, branches, seeds, inflorescences, and roots, can be used legally at home for medical purposes. For the time being, this means that getting high in Thailand is prohibited. Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is trying to decriminalize cannabis use and possession, as well as the rules and protocols for correctly cultivating and using cannabis at home, known as Cannabis Literacy, in order to prevent drug misuse and enhance medical tourism and the economy.

According to the Public Health Ministry, this will aid in the reduction of recreational cannabis use as well as other cannabis-related offenses, which are presently prohibited under Thai law. Those who paid bail or put up assets as bail collateral will get their money back. Starting on Thursday, anyone who wants to grow cannabis for medical purposes at home will be able to do so without receiving official approval. Users who meet the criteria can simply download and register for the Plook Ganja app. Any suspects on trial will have their cases dismissed, and those who have already been imprisoned will be released, according to Sorrawit. As more information on marijuana in Thailand becomes accessible after June 9, it becomes clear that not everything is as it appears. To be clear, recreational marijuana growing and consumption will not be permitted, even for personal use.

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