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Swim or Sink: Russian Tourist’s Extreme Commute To Thailand’s Koh Larn Island Leaves Locals in Shock and Awe!

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In an unusual incident that sparked quite a stir amongst the local populace, a Russian traveller was discovered swimming in the bracing waters that flow between the esteemed Khao Phra Tamnak viewpoint in Pattaya and Koh Larn Island. This unexpected occurrence happened around the midday hours and it was none other than Asadakorn Bangsi, endearingly known as ‘Copy’ by locals, who first reported it to Khaosod Online. Asadakorn, who owns several lodgings on Koh Larn, came across the situation while returning home from Pattaya on the maiden ferry of the day.

As the boat journeyed through the inky depths around Koh Larn, a shocking sight unfolded before Asadakorn and his co-passengers – an outlander braving the turbulent waves with a cool composure that took everyone’s breath away. The stranger was swimming with a fearless reserve, undeterred by the tumultuous sea. In stark contrast, it was the others onboard who were gripped by paralysing fear and were quick to implement a rescue operation.

Upon pulling the daring swimmer on board, it turned out he was a Russian tourist who seemed visibly weary, his eyes bloodshot. Curious and anxious about his peculiar choice of transportation, Asadakorn attempted to probe. In his response, the tourist revealed that he was lodged at the Khao Phra Tamnak viewpoint and had unflinchingly taken to the sea to reach Koh Larn. Flabbergast by his intense audacity, Asadakorn couldn’t resist asking why the man hadn’t simply taken the ferry. With an air of nonchalance about his risky endeavour, the Russian stated his desire to swim was the driving force behind his decision.


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Deeply concerned about the reckless tourist’s safety, Asadakorn took him under his wing in Koh Larn. He arranged for a speedboat that would safely take him back to Pattaya, after which the Russian simply disappeared. At first, Asadakorn considered the man might be under the influence, but upon communicating with him, he smelled no alcohol. Instead, he surmised the seabound adventure had led to the visitor having a bout of seasickness due to the robust waves, as reported by KhaoSod.

In the aftermath, Asadakorn took to reflecting on the incident, advising everyone that while adventuring is a crucial aspect of travel, it is imperative to prioritize safety. The ferry services to Koh Larn offer a much safer alternative and are reasonably priced at 30 baht a ride.

Those itching for a more rapid voyage also have speedboats at their disposal. More than anything, he urges travellers to soak in the tranquillity of Koh Larn’s immaculate beaches, the beautiful environment, and experience the laid-back ambiance that the island is known for. In the end, the Russian’s safety was confirmed by Asadakorn himself via a post on TikTok.

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