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TAT’s incentive for tour buses was intended to boost domestic travel

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In addition to providing employment for bus drivers and other related personnel, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) anticipates that commissioning more than 500 tour buses will increase interest among Thai citizens in boarding a coach and traveling to various parts of the nation. According to the TAT’s deputy governor for domestic marketing, the tour buses have received financial incentives from the TAT to run tour routes throughout the north, south, east, and center of the nation.

Although the TAT did put certain restrictions, it only allowed for a maximum of 40,000 baht each bus. The strategy has already been implemented, and on September 10 the first of these sponsored and compensated bus excursions took place. Out of the 500 available buses, tour schedules have already been developed and sold for about 208 of them. This amounts to around 40% of the fleet, which typically provides erratic services like excursions and special trips. The TAT is working with bus companies to send out convoys of coaches across the nation as part of their most recent push to boost domestic tourism numbers. The strategy is just the most recent in a series by the TAT to attempt and increase domestic tourism as foreign visitors are still slowly making their way back to Thailand following the Covid-19 worldwide outbreak. According to the head of the Thai Transportation Operators Association, 15,000 vehicles have now been put back into use following the pandemic. His aim is that tour buses will once again be a common presence on highways and roads around Thailand, especially with several high-profile forthcoming festivals, and he praised the TAT’s efforts for aiding bus owners, adding that the pandemic had put them in financial trouble for years. For each bus route they run, tour companies will get 10,000 Baht per day. These routes must involve at least an overnight travel for Thai visitors, with a minimum of one night and two days per trip.

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