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TAT’s “StyleCation” vacations are aimed at a younger generation of travelers

The TAT has hired popular performers Putthipong “Billkin” Assaratanakul and Krit “PP” Amnuaydechkorn to promote a brand-new program intended to encourage Thai citizens to travel throughout the country. He said at a news conference yesterday that more than 30 businesses in the sector had already agreed to participate in the campaign, which provides customers with discounts of up to 60%. A vlog is intended to engage younger travelers after the launch of the new StyleCation campaign by producing video blogs that explore destinations in greater detail. Travel companies, hotels, and airlines have all expressed interest in participating. The TAT believes that this advertisement will strike a chord with young vacationers and motivate them to plan the getaway of their dreams.
In addition to the information and offers on the Stylecation Thailand website, you may learn more by contacting “Amazing Thailand” on the LINE app or YouTube, @AmazingThailand on Facebook, or by calling 1672.
Over the years, the TAT has undertaken a number of tourism promotion programs in a never-ending flurry of initiatives to engage with various potentially lucrative markets. “Amazing Thailand StyleCation with PP and Billkin” is the most recent. PP and Billkin will lead the campaign to persuade people to take “StyleCations,” or home vacations, in their own special way. TAT governor Yuttasak Supasorn wants to encourage domestic travelers to embark on what he calls meaningful travel all across the country using Thai celebrities. In order to draw tourists, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is promoting “StyleCation,” a trendy new embarrassing mashup. Forget about work and stay vacations. A new market of younger travelers with specific travel and vacationing interests is anticipated to be addressed by leveraging hip young celebrities. He went on to explain the meaning of the recently coined word “Parham” and the plan for the campaign’s online promotion. The vlog attempts to highlight off-the-beaten-path activities and adventures in well-known tourist sites as well as hidden gems in areas with less commercial tourism.

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