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Tech Paradise Unleashed: Phuket Transforms into ASEAN’s Ultimate Smart City – Free Internet & Tram System Unveiled!

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Key members of the Democrat Party, Suchatvee Suwansawat and Watanya Bunnag, have announced the ambitious plan of turning the resort island of Phuket into a technology hub and model city for Thailand and the ASEAN region. As part of their election campaign, the Democrat Party aims to make Phuket a top tourist destination by providing free internet access in various locations across the island, creating a public transportation system to ease traffic congestion, and upgrading Phuket Rajabhat University to expand its fields of study.

Suchatvee Suwansawat, who is also the head of the party’s policy committee, believes Phuket’s appeal as a top tourist destination makes it a perfect candidate for the proposed free internet access initiative. He emphasized that the service should be offered as a form of public welfare and be more convenient for locals and tourists alike. In addition, the Democrat Party has committed to supporting the development of a public transportation system for the province, including a tram project, in order to alleviate traffic congestion.

Phuket, being among the provinces facing severe traffic problems, remains under no agency’s jurisdiction for overseeing traffic management issues. Mr. Suwansawat believes that the party’s candidates are well-acquainted with Phuket’s challenges and can provide valuable insights into suitable solutions.

Turning their attention to education, the Democrat Party is mulling over the possibility of upgrading Phuket Rajabhat University in order to enhance its academic offerings. The move comes as part of a broader proposal to turn Phuket into a model city and technology hub, providing an attractive and well-rounded infrastructure for future investments and developments in the Thai and ASEAN region.

In related news, the Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) has pledged to introduce a fertilizer co-payment scheme and a fertilizer fund to help reduce production costs for eight million farming households affected by price fluctuations. The PPRP aims to work closely with farmers to bridge the gap and improve their livelihoods, addressing concerns about production costs and incomes affected by the unpredictable prices of chemical fertilizers.

Furthermore, party chairman Suwat Liptapanlop of the Chartpattanakla Party has unveiled a five-point strategy for economic growth in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima and the northeastern region of Thailand. The strategy features elements of economic development, transportation upgrades, tourism promotion, food production, and water resource management, all aimed at transforming the region into a new economic corridor under the “Korat-nomics” scheme.

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