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Tempestuous Twists & Arctic Blasts: Thailand’s Unforeseen Weather Swings Explained!

Buckle up for a thrilling meteorological roller-coaster, courtesy of the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD). According to their latest forecast, the TMD expects an intense week of weather drama unfolding across Thailand. Keep your umbrellas handy as the forecast predicts torrential rainfall and forceful gusts of wind, followed by a dramatic plunge in the mercury, to the tune of 4 to 6 degrees Celsius.

The climatic symphony orchestrated by Mother Nature begins with southern Thailand in the spotlight. The region is bracing for the onslaught of heavy rain showers, posing a heightened risk of flash floods and hazardous forest runoffs. The up-tempo weather forecast, spanning from November 12 to November 18, sets the stage for more climatic twists and turns.

The spectacle commences with an influx of high-pressure, chilly air mass all the way from China, expected to envelop northern Thailand and the South China Sea. On the bill from yesterday till Wednesday, November 15, these areas can expect to encounter violent thunderstorms and forceful winds. Afterwards, as an unintentional encore, a mild drop in temperature is anticipated for these terrains.

As an unexpected interlude, the easterly winds sweeping across the Gulf of Thailand and the southern regions will duo with low-pressure zones prevalent along the Malaysian coast. This dynamic duo is slated to induce an increase in rainfall, leading to some areas being drenched with excessive downpours.

Bracing for the final act, another surge of a rather potent high-pressure or cold air mass from China is staged to roll over Northern Thailand. The expectations for the season finale are a repeat performance of thunderstorms, harsh winds, and a subsequent dip in temperature.

The temperature drop in the northeastern region could be as dramatic as a 4 to 6 degrees Celsius fall. The north, central regions, including Bangkok and its vicinity, and the eastern region are expected to cool down by 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. The waves in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea add their unique features to this climatic performance, ranging between 1 to 2 metres high, with storm-prone areas experiencing waves higher than 2 metres.

Given these impending weather conditions, the TMD advises locals, especially those in northern Thailand, to prepare for potential hazards from thunderstorms and heavy gusts of wind likely to occur from November 12 to November 13 and again on November 16. The TMD recommends refraining from remaining in open areas, under large trees, buildings, and unstable billboards. They also urge cautiousness when driving through areas prone to thunderstorms.

The residents in the southern region face the threat of heavy to extremely heavy rain showers and accumulating rainfall, which may result in sudden floods and forest runoffs. The situation is especially critical in areas near hillsides, waterways, and low-level areas. Boat operators are advised to navigate cautiously and avoid regions with thunderstorms during this period.

The TMD emphasizes the importance of staying informed about the weather forecast and following the provided advice. The weather changes will be monitored meticulously, and any immediate weather warnings will be reported forthwith to the public.

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