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Thai digital material is becoming more and more well-known globally

One of Thailand’s important sectors is the production of digital content, and the nation aspires to lead the region in this field. Thailand’s digital content market, currently valued at US$2 billion ($1.46 billion), is dominated by video games. The third season of the popular horror-adventure video game “Home Sweet Home,” which has been adored by gamers all over the world since its initial release in 2017, will start in 2021. “Sea of Love,” an animated children’s movie about the friendship between a shark, a whale, a ray, and a seahorse, is presently available to stream on Netflix. The second season of the enormously well-liked international mystery-thriller “Girl From Nowhere” ranked in the top 10 Netflix selections in Brazil, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Two Thai dramas, My Husband in Law and Love Destiny, have both found success abroad. At the Asia Contents Awards in Busan in 2021, “Girl from Nowheresecond “‘s season won the Best Asian TV Series prize. Despite the gaming industry expanding more fast, the Thai animation industry has a longer history and is more firmly embedded in the country’s culture. Thai animated characters commonly display “Thainess” by being positive and donning bright clothing. Its cost-effectiveness, Thailand’s reputation for profound creativity, the service-oriented mentality of its digital artists, and the know-how, discipline, and cultural knowledge of the nation are what make it so competitive. Critics predict that Thai television shows’ popularity will rise in the future due to their captivating characters, plots, locales, and portrayals of the local culture. The country currently controls the outsourcing industry for international projects due to the high caliber of its digital content creators. One thing all three of these well-liked titles have in common is that they were created domestically in Thailand, a country that is rapidly establishing itself in the increasing global market for digital entertainment. The Thai business Yggdrazil Group used Thai folklore as inspiration for the themes of the computer game “Home Sweet Homehorror.” The Monk Studio’s most recent project, “Sea of Love,” is the first Thai-made Netflix Kids series. It aims to offer original content generated and produced by Thai talent to the global market. Recently, thanks in part to the rise of streaming services, Thai television shows have become more well-known outside of Asia. In 2006, Kantana Studio’s “Khan Khluay,” the first Thai 3D animated feature picture, was produced, and it quickly became a box office success, establishing Thailand as a hub for excellent animation production. This movie is referred to as The Blue Elephant in the US. A COGconnected game critic claims that the game’s strength comes from its roots in Thai culture, mythology, and beliefs. The game supports nine different languages, including English, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

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