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Thai policewoman captures her own impostor on Facebook

When the Thai law enforcement officer finally caught the Facebook fake, it was a very satisfying moment. The officials claim that the woman defrauded her online friends to the tune of 400,000 baht by impersonating a police officer on Facebook and then taking the money from them. Kanjira Norsan, an inspector of the Crime Suppression Division, was the one who placed Natthaya Khomaram under arrest. In the province of Saraburi in the center of Thailand, the arrest was made on a plot of property that had been rented. Along with her, 11 bank books and a phone were also found in her possession when she was hauled into jail. According to the Chiang Rai Times, she asked the policewoman’s contact for assistance by posting on Facebook under the name Kanjira, which was the name of her newly made profile. She allegedly pretended to be in a dire financial situation and asked for funds to be moved to bank accounts that she had set up for individuals whom she had already paid. The victims were unable to get in touch with her after they had sent her 400,000 baht.

After being taken into custody, Natthaya explained to the authorities that she had been unaware that she had assumed the identity of a law enforcement officer. She became aware of her error and made an attempt to apologize to those who were harmed as a result of it. As soon as she found out that the authorities were hunting for her, she made her way to Saraburi from Nakhon Ratchasima. Kanjira learned about Natthaya through Facebook as well as through her financial activities. It was alleged that Natthaya lied to people about the capabilities of computer systems in order to steal their money. In October, a Thai man was sentenced to jail for impersonating a police officer so that he could fulfill a dream he had when he was younger. On the morning of October 7 at 9:30 a.m., thirty-year-old Kamfon Kunlachart presented himself to the superintendent of a police station in Din Daeng, which is located in Bangkok. On his first day on the job, Kamfon let the inspections officer, Nattawut Anchoorit, know that he was a new employee and a novice. He went on to say that he had graduated from the Royal Police Cadet Academy in the 75th class and that he was currently a police major general. The individual asserted that they were a major general after graduating from the 75th Royal Police Cadet Academy, but Nattawut informed the media that he did not trust the individual. too early Kamfon did not have a police identity card and was ignorant of the new officer who had been stationed nearby. Nattawut pretended to believe the man’s story while greeting him as if he were a law enforcement official. In order to properly greet his guests, he ordered him to execute squat jumps. Nattuwut and the other cops questioned Kamfon until he revealed that he was not a police officer and that he had acquired his outfit from Lazada. Nattuwut was the officer who initially questioned Kamfon. Nattuwut was directing the audience’s attention to Kamfon’s statement.

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