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Thai woman warns against air-conditioning scam

According to the Facebook website, which posts news and reviews on electronic equipment, top-up air conditioning devices use the Internet of Things to remotely operate the air conditioning system. The business in charge of it cuts off the system if consumers don’t top it off. After being tricked into purchasing two used air conditioners using a covert installment plan, a Thai woman issued a warning to the public. The woman said on social media that she ultimately made the decision to remove the two air conditioning units even though she would be out of money by 8,000 baht and that she then reported the incident to the police. She claimed that she wished to alert others to the dangers of such con games.

She wrote, “Top-up air conditioner!!!” on the post. I paid 5,000 Baht each for two used air conditioners from a Facebook group, and another 3,000 Baht for installation. One week after the installation, it stopped operating, and the technician was baffled as to why. When I called the Haier air conditioner company’s customer service line, I discovered that both air conditioners were covered by an installment plan. According to the manufacturer, the air conditioners were “top-up air conditioners,” and in order to use them, users had to top them off monthly using a QR code for 900 baht. The system would be shut off if not. Under the name June Smile, the woman shared her experience of being tricked into purchasing two air conditioners with a 900 baht top-up plan even though she thought she had paid for the units in full on Facebook.

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