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Thailand Cannabis Marketplace is accepting Applications

The Cannabis industry in Thailand has seen a lot of exciting developments during the last few weeks.

The Department of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine has already begun issuing licenses for retail, export to other countries, and conducting medical research.

The number of people who have registered to grow cannabis in Thailand on the PlookGanja website, which is managed by the FDA, has already topped one million.

On top of all of that, the OG company has begun operating an online Cannabis Marketplace. The marketplace serves as an online platform where buyers and sellers may have direct access with one another.

Keep in mind that there have already been tens of thousands of application requests submitted, and the OG company is moving as fast as it can to approve application requests (sellers need the required registration number from PlookGanja).

Customers will benefit by OG company ensuring quality, and well as trust from both sides. The cultivators will have access to a vast pool of potential buyers which should bring more liquidity to their supplies, and allow them to not be taken advantage of.

The application procedure is really straightforward, and you can even submit your information online using the form provided below. The Cannabis Marketplace is open to applications for both buyers, and growers/cultivators. After your application has been approved, you will have access to the widest selection of cannabis cultivators in Thailand.

We are excited about the prospects for cannabis in Thailand in the future.

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