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Thailand Eyes Historic First: InterPride World Conference 2025 Candidate Cities Revealed

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Calypso Cabaret performers are turning heads at Bangkok’s Mahanakhon Skywalk as part of the vibrant “Proud Pride Month” event. Co-organized by King Power, these dazzling performances are gracing the skywalk every Friday throughout the month, offering a spectacular treat to visitors. (Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut)

In an exciting bid for international LGBTQ+ recognition, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Khon Kaen are all vying to host the prestigious 2025 InterPride World Conference, according to Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB). The Thai government will announce the winning city on July 11, and subsequently introduce it at this year’s event in Colombia in October.

The InterPride World Conference is an annual, five-day event that gathers approximately 600 Pride organizations from 40 countries to discuss LGBTQ+ movements and share experiences in promoting gender equality. Having been organized 41 times since 1982, primarily in Europe and North America, this event has never before graced Asian soil.

Mr. Chiruit stated, “If Thailand is selected, it will mark the first time this esteemed conference is hosted in Asia.” He emphasized that this opportunity would showcase Thailand’s commitment to gender inclusivity on a global stage.

Phuket is particularly geared up for the challenge. Pattanachai Singhavara, director of TCEB’s southern region office, is spearheading efforts to raise local awareness about the conference. With its stunning beaches, vibrant local cuisine, and top-notch facilities, Phuket is a prime candidate. “We are optimistic that Phuket will be selected,” Mr. Pattanachai commented.

The ambitions don’t stop there. Thailand is also throwing its hat in the ring to host WorldPride in 2030. This global LGBTQ+ event, organized by InterPride, is one of the most significant in the LGBTQ+ calendar. Mr. Chiruit noted that hosting WorldPride would draw vast numbers of people to Thailand, providing a substantial boost to the nation’s economy. To illustrate the impact, he mentioned that last year’s WorldPride in Australia drew about one million participants, generating significant local revenue.

Speaking on Thailand’s readiness for WorldPride, Mr. Chiruit highlighted the country’s significant strides towards gender inclusivity. Notably, the impending enactment of the Marriage Equality Law marks a pivotal step in this direction.


  1. Patricia Collins June 16, 2024

    It’s amazing to see Thailand making such strides towards LGBTQ+ inclusivity. Hosting the InterPride Conference would be a huge milestone.

    • Julia_Sue June 16, 2024

      Absolutely! It would be a major step forward for the whole region in terms of visibility and acceptance.

      • Patricia Collins June 16, 2024

        Yes, and it could help pave the way for other Asian countries to follow suit. Inclusivity benefits everyone.

      • angelkid12 June 16, 2024

        I agree, but I wonder how much of this is for show. Will it really create lasting change?

    • George88 June 16, 2024

      It’s true progress. The more visibility, the better!

  2. Nathan Green June 16, 2024

    While it’s great to see Thailand promoting gender inclusivity, let’s not forget the very real and ongoing struggles the LGBTQ+ community still faces there.

    • kellyv June 16, 2024

      Exactly. Visibility is great, but actions speak louder than words. We need real policy changes.

    • Patricia Collins June 16, 2024

      True, but every step counts. This could lead to more significant changes down the road.

    • Tina_L June 16, 2024

      It’s a process. Small steps can lead to big wins.

  3. Bob K. June 16, 2024

    I think hosting InterPride in Thailand would be fantastic for tourism. The economic benefits could be enormous.

    • Milly B June 16, 2024

      Sure, but should economic gain be the primary motivation for LGBTQ+ inclusivity?

    • crossfire01 June 16, 2024

      Money talks. If economic benefits drive change, that’s still a win in my book.

      • Bob K. June 16, 2024

        Any reason that pushes for more acceptance is a good reason. Plus, the economic boost can lead to better funding for LGBTQ+ initiatives.

  4. Liam_J June 16, 2024

    I think Phuket is the best choice. It already has the infrastructure to support large events, not to mention its beautiful beaches!

    • Sarah Park June 16, 2024

      Phuket’s a tourist magnet, no doubt. But what about Chiang Mai? It has such a rich culture!

    • Gloria T. June 16, 2024

      Khon Kaen would surprise people. It has immense potential.

  5. Alan June 16, 2024

    Would love to see Thailand host WorldPride in 2030. The global exposure would be unbelievable.

  6. Vicky L. June 16, 2024

    I hope the Marriage Equality Law gets enacted soon. This would add so much more credibility to Thailand’s bid for these events.

    • JeffTheChef June 16, 2024

      It’s been a long time coming. Let’s hope the lawmakers don’t backtrack.

    • Alan June 16, 2024

      Agreed. Laws need to reflect the current social landscape, and Thailand is ready for marriage equality.

  7. Gina June 16, 2024

    Can’t wait to see which city they pick. Each has its own charm and would bring something unique to the table.

    • Marvin June 16, 2024

      Absolutely. It’ll be interesting to see how the selection impacts the local communities.

  8. CulturalCritic June 16, 2024

    I hope hosting these events will challenge some of the conservative views still prevalent in Thai society.

  9. Amy W. June 16, 2024

    Thailand seems like an amazing place for this! What a great way to blend tourism with meaningful social progress.

    • traveler123 June 16, 2024

      Totally. The exposure could help foster more understanding globally.

  10. Jacob Hayes June 16, 2024

    While I support InterPride, hosting it in Thailand does seem to have significant financial motivations.

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