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Thailand’s 10 bizarre laws

10 weird Thai laws you didn’t know about! Strange Thai laws

We’ll show you Thailand’s wacky laws you didn’t know existed.

These are unusual, but don’t take them as jokes. They might land you in jail!

1. Commando! Thailand’s 10 weirdest laws!

Unsurprisingly, it’s prohibited to go out in public without underpants. No visitors or residents have been arrested for this, so bring adequate underpants. Who knows? Yes! No clue. Windy days and flowy skirts or shorts are dead giveaways.

2. Drivers must wear shirts in Thailand!

Thailand is hot, humid, and dry, thus many travelers go shirtless. If you’ve leased a car to explore Thailand, keep your clothing on to avoid police stops.

3. Avoid Thai Money Thailand’s bizarre laws!

Being mindful of your surroundings will help you avoid fines for this bizarre law. It’s illegal to step on Thai cash, whether you’re roaming the night streets or headed to the beach. The King would be offended.

You step on his face! Never step on money in Thailand!

4. Respect the Monarchy Thailand’s weird laws!

Lese Majeste is a 1908 Thai statute.

Thai law prohibits insulting, defiling, or threatening the royal family. You can be jailed for up to 15 years for disrespecting the monarchy. When visiting Thailand, avoid royal family jokes and criticism.

5. Thailand’s bizarre littering laws!

Littering is a serious offence in Thailand, whether at the beach, city, or sidewalk. People found breaking this law face a large fine or a year in jail.

Bangkok Metropolitan Authority members can punish litterers up to 2,000 Baht (BMA). Scammers pose as BMA inspectors to bilk visitors.

Asking for ID can prevent confusion and cheating.

6. Thailand’s weird laws

In Thailand, you can speak any language besides Thai with a microphone. If you hear “Mic test” or “Hello test,” you’re witnessing a serious offense punishable by up to a month in jail. This law exempts religious services, state events, and concerts.

7. Thailand’s weird color laws

You probably carry your country’s flag when traveling. Thailand forbids the public display of foreign flags. Under the 1979 Flag Act, displaying a foreign flag can land you in jail. Embassies and diplomatic homes are authorized. If you disrespect the Thai flag or any foreign flag, you face 2-6 years in jail.

8. Cards?

More than 120 playing cards can get you 10 years in prison and a heavy fine. The Playing Cards Act, 1943, states that no one may possess more than 120 cards. A deck of cards has 52, right? Yes, but you need a general’s permission to have cards. Four times the card’s cost could be fined. Don’t bring them!

9. Without a permit, it’s unlawful to remove Buddha statues from Thailand

You might be fined or punished if you pack a Buddha statue or image in your luggage. Devout Buddhists think it’s impolite to decorate with Buddha statues and photographs.

10. Watch Your Drinking

Tourists who drink in places of worship, public offices, schools, petrol stations, hospitals, and parks can expect a few months in jail. There are exceptions, but it’s best to drink elsewhere. Without permission, violators face up to six months in jail and a 10,000 fine. Which was the biggest surprise? Without knowing, which law would you have broken? We were astonished by the commando-driving ban. These unusual laws make Thailand an interesting tourist destination.

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