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Thailand’s Children’s Day 2024: A Carnival of Dreams and Aspirations

Welcome to a vibrant splash of festivities as Thailand gears up to celebrate Children’s Day, a day seasoned with joy, laughter, and dreams! Mark your calendars, gather your spirit, and dive into the whimsical world of wonder because on the second Saturday of January, this year gracing the date of January 13, Thailand transforms into a playground for the imagination!

The Ministry of Culture, a beacon of national festivities, partners with the esteemed Suan Dusit Poll in a delightful dance of collaboration, to grasp the pulsating heartbeats of young aspirations. This symphony of opinions has been composed by a whopping choir of 21,627 children chiming in from across the nation—a harmonious blend of 58.59% dashing young lads and 41.41% brilliant young ladies.

Let’s twirl into the mesmerizing findings that effervesce from the survey:

  • Concerts and music shows: With a thunderous applause of 49.35%, top of the pops are those melody-infused concerts and groovy music shows! Imagine the air electric with beats, hearts syncing rhythmically, and voices belting out tunes in pure ecstasy!
  • Games and competitions with prizes: Close on the heels with 43.5%, the world of challenges awaits—board games that twist your mind, races that pump adrenaline, and the sweet taste of victory when you clutch that prize!
  • Movie magic in theatres: A close third with 42.35%, beckons the silver screen! The scent of popcorn, the hush of the darkened room, and dreams unfolding in flickering lights. Who could resist the call of celluloid adventures?
  • Close encounters with celebrities: At 35.11%, the twinkling starlight of meeting celebrities! Share a smile, snap a selfie, and bask in the glow of your favorite icons up close and personal!
  • Culinary delights: Last but not least, with 27.47%, cooking shows sizzle into hearts! Taste buds tingle as culinary wizards whisk, flip, and flame their way into fantastical feasts!

As for the glittering venues that will serve as the canvases for our juvenile merrymaking:

  1. Schools, with their hallways of knowledge, stand tall at 51.66%, ready to morph into carnival grounds for a day!
  2. Shopping malls, modern labyrinths of wonder, nab 36.82%, offering a spree of fun among festive sales and bright lights!
  3. Theme parks and zoos, the sanctuaries of wild imaginations grab 33.94%, inviting you to roar with lions or soar with the eagles!
  4. Town squares, the heartbeats of cities, welcoming 28.96% to dance, play and revel in communal joy!
  5. Sport stadiums, cathedrals of cheers and chants, clinching a close 28.81%, beckon with their open gates!

Dream encounters, you ask? The children have spoken:

  • Singers and musicians like Lisa Blackpink, Three Man Down, and BTS rock the charts with 73.57%, offering the music notes of their souls.
  • YouTubers and influencers like SPD, zbing z, My Mate Nate, and Kyutae Oppa, capture imaginations at 59.11%, streaming dreams into reality.
  • Actors revered like Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya Sperbund grace the scene with 34.49%, ready to step off screen and into hearts.
  • Politicians from Pita Limjaroenrat to Prayut Chan-o-cha, with 30.24%, offering a handshake and a glimpse into the nation’s heartbeat.
  • Athletes that inspire, like Chanathip Songkrasin, with 29.23%, stand ready to share the thrill of the game and a selfie or two!

What treasures do children covet this Children’s Day?

  1. Cash jingles in at 29.38%, because who doesn’t love a little pocket money to splurge?
  2. Tech gadgets: smartphones, tablets, laptops are the genies of today with 24.82% — tools for creation and windows to worlds afar!
  3. Trips with family, 13.96%, because adventures with loved ones weave the tapestries of cherished memories.
  4. Stationery, at 6.80%, because every artist and scholar begins with a pen and canvas.
  5. Sports equipment with 6%, to dash, dive, and dribble into health and happiness.

Yet, amidst the festivities, let’s not forget the earnest heart of Children’s Day. The kiddos call upon us to solve significant conundrums:

  1. Drugs menace looms at 30.1%, a battle we must face together for the bright future ahead.
  2. Education, a maze of 18.91%, beckoning for change, paving paths to enlightenment and skill.
  3. Sexual harassment, bullying, and violence, shadowed concerns of 15.7%, whispering for our courage and action.
  4. Game addiction, with its virtual siren call of 11.27%, against which we must anchor reality and moderation.
  5. Social media pitfalls, at 9.48%, a modern labyrinth that beckons with lights and likes, yet requires a compass of wisdom.

So, let us frolic in this joyous jubilee known as Children’s Day in Thailand, not just a celebration of today, but an uplifting of tiny hands towards a shimmering tomorrow.

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