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Thaksin Shinawatra’s Legal Saga Continues: Indictment Decision Delayed Again Amid Political Tensions

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In the grand theatre of Thai politics, where drama and suspense never seem to wane, another act unfolded with the intriguing case of Thaksin Shinawatra. It’s a narrative that has taken another twist, thickening the plot and keeping spectators on the edge of their seats. For the second time, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) found itself in a position where it had to press the pause button on its decision concerning whether to bring Thaksin before the court on charges of lese majeste and violations of computer-crime laws, stemming from an interview he granted to foreign media back on the balmy day of May 21, 2015.

The story took us back to the first act of this legal ballet on February 19 when the Attorney General, Amnat Chetcharoen, amidst a stage adorned with legal documents and pleas for justice, received a poignant plea from Thaksin himself. The plea was not merely for leniency but for fair treatment under the glaring spotlight of the law.

This plea set the gears in motion, but it was not to be a swift resolution. OAG spokesman, Prayut Phetcharakhun, wearing the mask of neutrality and duty, took to the stage to announce a delay. The decision, he intoned, would now come on Wednesday, April 10. The reason? The wheels of justice were turning, but more investigative paths needed to be trodden. The plot thus thickened, anticipation built, and spectators leaned in closer.

But April 10 was not to bring closure. Instead, it brought another intermission. Prayut, the bearer of updates, informed the waiting audience that the investigation was only 70-80% complete. Thus, like a cliffhanger in a thrilling series, the decision was deferred once more, this time to May 29. The suspense was palpable.

Thaksin, the protagonist of this saga, was conspicuously absent from this scene. He had been informed a day earlier that the stage was not yet set for his entrance; the script was not ready. His lawyer, Winyatti Chartmontree, however, stepped into the spotlight, representing him and formally receiving the news of this latest deferment.

At the heart of this intrigue were the charges filed against Thaksin, charges rooted in comments he made during an interview with Korean media back in 2015. These comments had echoed and reverberated through the halls of power, stirring the pot of political discourse and leading us to where we are today.

And so, the curtain falls once more on this act of the Thaksin saga, leaving us waiting with bated breath for the next twist in this political and legal drama. As spectators, we can only speculate on the outcomes, ponder on the motives, and, above all, marvel at the intricate dance of justice and politics in Thailand. What the next act holds, only time will tell, but one thing is for certain – it promises to be as engaging and enthralling as the ones that preceded it.


  1. TrueBlue99 April 10, 2024

    Every time I read about Thaksin, it feels like history keeps looping in Thailand. Why can’t we move past this saga?

    • SiamPride April 10, 2024

      It’s because Thaksin keeps inserting himself into Thai politics. He’s like a shadow that won’t go away.

      • TrueBlue99 April 10, 2024

        I see your point, but isn’t it also true that his supporters see him as a hero? Maybe the real issue is the division he represents in Thai society.

    • ElephantWalk April 10, 2024

      Totally agree with TrueBlue99. It’s not just about Thaksin, it’s about deep-seated divisions. We can’t heal if we keep reopening old wounds.

  2. BangkokBarry April 10, 2024

    Lese majeste laws are no joke in Thailand. Thaksin flirting with that is a dangerous game.

    • LawIsLaw April 10, 2024

      Exactly, and it’s important for the stability of Thai society that everyone, regardless of their power or position, respects these laws.

  3. ThailandWatcher April 10, 2024

    This delay sounds like the OAG is playing politics. They probably want to avoid making a controversial decision amidst political tensions.

    • PatriotSon April 10, 2024

      Or maybe they just want to make sure they have all the evidence lined up before making a decision. Why always assume the worst?

      • ThailandWatcher April 10, 2024

        Good point, but considering Thailand’s history with political prosecutions, can you blame people for being skeptical?

  4. NakhonLady April 10, 2024

    I wonder how Thaksin’s case will affect the upcoming elections. His name always stirs up emotions on both sides.

  5. FutureForward April 10, 2024

    What bothers me is how much attention Thaksin still gets. Thailand needs to focus on the future, not on past figures. We have so many pressing issues.

    • OldGuard April 10, 2024

      But history is important. Thaksin’s era brought in significant changes that are still affecting us. We can’t just erase that.

      • ProgressiveThinker April 10, 2024

        OldGuard has a point. But maybe it’s time to reevaluate which parts of that era are worth keeping and which parts should be left in the past.

    • YoungGun April 10, 2024

      We talk about Thaksin because he represents unresolved issues in Thai politics. It’s not about the past; it’s about the present and the future.

  6. ChiangRaiSun April 10, 2024

    Thaksin or no Thaksin, Thailand’s political drama never ends. It’s like watching a soap opera that you can’t turn off because it’s your own country’s future at stake.

    • TrueBlue99 April 10, 2024

      Couldn’t agree more, ChiangRaiSun. It’s frustrating and fascinating at the same time. I just hope we find a way to break the cycle.

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