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Thanathorn Nominated for Probe into Thailand’s Military Riches by Move Forward MPs

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Welcome to a world where the lines between power, politics, and profit are as blurred as the Bangkok skyline on a humid day. We’re about to unravel the enigma that surrounds the opulent lifestyles of Thailand’s top brass, courtesy of an in-depth investigation helmed by some seriously audacious parliamentarians. Let’s dive into the saga as three intrepid Move Forward MPs—Bencha Saengchantra, Chetawan Thuaprakhon, and Ekkarach Udomumnouy—have just pulled a bold move. They’ve put forth the name of Thanathorn, a vocal critic of the establishment, for a seat on an investigative committee that’s about to shake things up in the military’s corporate playground.

Imagine, if you will, a committee of 25 sharp minds with one collective goal: dissect and analyze the military’s business operations like never before. They’ve been given a tight 90-day deadline to scrutinize the armed forces’ interests in sectors such as electricity generation, golf courses, and even airports—all to determine if these should shift under the watch of civilian government instead.

Now, our very own Bencha Saengchantra took center stage and didn’t mince words when talking to the press. She’s on a mission to uncover the dollar signs behind military riches, which up until now, have been shrouded in more mystery than a Thai ghost story. According to her, there’s a parade of generals retiring with bank accounts ballooning up to the tunes of tens and hundreds of millions of baht—a fortune that would make even the mightiest tycoons raise an eyebrow.

Bencha’s not stopping there—this committee is set to delve into the military’s treasure trove of assets and operations including land rentals, military clubs, swanky hotels, punchy boxing stadiums, and even the airwaves with radio and TV stations. Seems like they’ve had their fingers in more pies than a busy Bangkok street food vendor!

Furthermore, our MP has sounded the alarm on the curious case of uniform-clad figures cozying up on the boards of 56 state enterprises. And we’re not talking low-stakes bingo here; we’re pinning down high-flyers in the railway, petroleum, banking, and tourism sectors. Intrigued? You bet we are!

Before he was shown the red card from politics back in 2020 for playing fast and loose with election laws, Thanathorn was the champion of “Speak out! Change!” especially when it came to the armed forces. His vision? To slam the door on military juntas fattening their wallets, ensuring any army-earned profits flow into public pockets instead.

And in case you missed the latest episode of Thailand’s political drama—Thanathorn’s former team, the Future Forward Party, has had a bit of a brand makeover, emerging as the Move Forward Party. These folks just claimed victory in the May 2023 election, securing the most parliamentary seats and proving they got game.

So, dear readers, stay tuned as this unfolding narrative promises more twists and turns than a Bangkok tuk-tuk ride through rush hour traffic. One thing’s for sure: this journey to transparency and accountability in military finances is about to get as real as the steam coming off a bowl of hot Tom Yum soup.

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