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The Similan National Park in Phang Nga Province was closed for three days due to the monsoon

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The Thai government agency in charge of national parks, animal, and plant conservation opened the Similan and Surin Islands for the remainder of the monsoon season one day earlier than they were scheduled to do so. On the other side, the Andaman coast is forecasted to be hit with a significant amount of precipitation and gusty winds during the next several days. Every single day, the Similan Islands National Park has a cap of 3,850 visitors who are permitted to enter the park. This includes the 3,325 individuals who participated in day tours as well as the 525 individuals who participated in scuba diving excursions.

The director of the national park, Rakchanok Phaenoi, stated that there were only about 500 Thai and international visitors to the area on Saturday due to the fact that some tour companies were forced to postpone their trips. Miang Island was accessible to tourists, but Similan Island was inaccessible due to the severe rain, strong gusts, and large waves. Visitors may proceed to Miang Island. In order to protect tourists and their valuables over the period of October 16 to October 18, Rakchanok has announced that the Similan Islands National Park will be closed temporarily during that time. He has also emphasized that any adjustments that are made to the current plan will be disclosed to the public as soon as they are made. The Similan Islands National Park in Phang Nga will be closed to visitors beginning on Sunday, October 16th and continuing through Tuesday, October 18th. This is done to protect people from the severe winds and waves that are forecast in the upcoming storm.

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