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The vendors on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya are fighting over new regulations

The freshly built area was meant to be used by visitors, but merchants, local companies, and hawkers quickly claimed the space and set up stalls, tables, chairs, and other furniture, preventing anyone who wanted to use the sandy area from getting to it. About 300 business owners protested the planned ban at the Na Jomtien Municipality in the Chon Buri province.

Beginning on July 27, no company may reserve parts of the beach, walkways, or roadways for its employees’ exclusive use. Those who violate the prohibition risk receiving a fine of up to 2,000 baht. The suppliers, nevertheless, are not easily defeated. The demonstrators claim that the restriction will destroy their way of life.

Many residents and visitors to Na Jomtien, according to Kanpong, blame the “misplaced” merchants for their annoyances and have been begging with the government to intervene. However, Kanpong gave the suppliers his word that he would move quickly to find a solution that would benefit everyone. The merchants and Permanent Secretary Kanpong Suwanpathumlert reportedly bartered for an hour, according to The Pattaya News. They are enraged at the new rules governing vendors on Pattaya’s Jomtien Beach. But now, he said, they complain about litter, gridlock, filthy tables and chairs, and market booths on the pavement.

Local authorities want to prohibit vendors from operating in a new area of the beach after they have used it to sell their items. The parties would have to “start from scratch,” impose the prohibition, and then discuss viable remedies, according to Kanpong, in order to reach a resolution. Kanpong revealed to the vendors that tourists used to compliment the beach’s beauty and draw parallels to Miami.

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