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Thrilling Revelation! Esteemed Ngern Tid Lor is Shaping Thai Teens into Financial Geniuses – Society Yet to Witness Anything This Staggering!

Under the skilled guidance of Assistant Manager Financial Education, Mingkwan Prasertsiwaporn (5th from the right in the back row standing) alongside a dedicated volunteer team, the esteemed Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited, most commonly known as TIDLOR, recently held an enriching financial literacy workshop. This event was aptly named “Basic Financial Literacy” and was specially held for the brilliant Grade 12 pupils at Dhammajarinee Witthaya School.

During this empowering workshop, not only were 40 of Dhammajarinee’s brightest minds present, but the event was also honoured by the presence of the Director of the school, Dr. Aunampai Passakchai (6th from left, standing back row). This enlightening event took place at the Kulthida Woods Hall, nestled within the beautiful and lush green campus of Dhammajarinee School located in scenic Ratchaburi Province.

The core objective of the workshop was to foster financial discipline among the learners and equip them with essential knowledge necessary to confidently navigate their day-to-day expenses. To say the least, the interactive workshop proved a success viewed from various dimensions. It was an engaging blend of financial theories, practical tips and real-life examples that helped students relate to the concepts with ease. This ease of understanding was key in promoting pupils’ enthusiasm in grasping important financial knowledge, one that transcends the academic realm and seeps into practical life skills.

This initiative of providing financial education is part and parcel of Ngern Tidlor’s broader commitment in establishing and extending its valuable societal programs to the younger generation. The organisation truly believes in empowering the younger generation, and sees the significance of providing them with a strong and reliable financial foundation. At its core, TIDLOR aims to cultivate a generation that is financially aware, capable, and ready to face the financial challenges that lie ahead with a sound knowledge base.

Calling the endeavor a mere workshop would be an understatement. It was, indeed, a platform where young minds were enlightened, where essential life skills transcending classroom education were introduced, and where a path towards a financially secure future was paved.

Such initiatives by Ngern Tidlor underlines their active role in fostering a financially literate society. If the future lies in the hands of our young, then TIDLOR is ensuring that those hands are skilled, knowledgeable, and capable of building a financially strong future for themselves and society at large.

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