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**Trang School Tragedy: 14-Year-Old Wayu Dies from Electric Shock on Sports Day**

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TRANG: The Office of Basic Education Commission (Obec) has launched a thorough investigation into a tragic incident involving a 14-year-old boy who succumbed to an electric shock from a water dispenser at a school in Kantang district. The fateful event unfolded around noon on Friday, coinciding with the school’s sports day. The young victim has been identified as Grade 8 student, Wayu.

The local media outlet Trang Today reported that the incident occurred amidst heavy rainfall when a teacher instructed Wayu to power down the water dispenser. However, school authorities later contradicted this, claiming the dispenser had been out of use.

A witness recounts that Wayu and a friend were walking near the water dispenser when Wayu suddenly collapsed. The friend, in a brave attempt to assist, also received a shock but managed to recover and alerted the teachers for help. Tragically, attempts to save him were futile, despite efforts to pull him away using a cloth. By the time he was rushed to the hospital, it was already too late.

The unfortunate incident sparked a wave of online criticism regarding the safety measures in schools and the delayed reaction to aid Wayu. In response, Chainarong Changrua, director of the Secondary Educational Service Area Office for Trang-Krabi, stated on Sunday that forensic officers from Trang Provincial Police had meticulously examined the scene. Their investigation revealed that the breaker switch was located behind the water dispenser and had suffered burns, suggesting a short circuit led to an electrical leak to a nearby steel pole.

Further details from the investigation revealed that Wayu, who was found wet and barefoot, faced a fatal combination that led to the electrocution. The unsettling circumstances have compelled a probe team to work expediently, with an investigation report expected by Monday.

In the somber aftermath, Pornchai Thepsuwan, Wayu’s father, expressed his devastation upon seeing his son’s lifeless body. Wayu was the youngest of his two sons, and the loss has left a profound void in their family. Despite the enormous grief, Pornchai acknowledged the school director and teachers’ offers of financial assistance and stated he would not pursue legal action, recognizing the incident as a tragic accident.

This heart-wrenching event has not only plunged a family into mourning but has also underscored the urgent need for reinforced safety protocols in educational institutions. The hope now rests on a thorough investigation and the implementation of measures to prevent such tragedies in the future, ensuring that Wayu’s untimely death serves as a catalyst for positive change.


  1. Joe June 23, 2024

    This is just another example of how schools underestimate safety issues. How could they let this happen?

    • Laura D June 23, 2024

      Absolutely, Joe. It’s ridiculous that a 14-year-old is asked to handle something as dangerous as an electrical appliance during a storm.

      • HandyMan87 June 23, 2024

        Electrical safety isn’t that complex! How could the school not check their equipment regularly?

    • Sarah Brown June 23, 2024

      Instead of blaming the school, we should look into the accountability of the maintenance staff. It’s their job to ensure safety.

  2. Johnny June 23, 2024

    It’s tragic, but accidents happen. Blaming the school won’t bring the kid back.

    • Alex June 23, 2024

      While I agree accidents happen, the school has a duty of care. This should have been preventable!

      • Tina_92 June 23, 2024

        Yes, and the fact that the breaker switch was burnt out suggests neglect. That’s more than just an accident.

  3. Kimberly June 23, 2024

    It’s good that his father isn’t pressing charges. Suing the school would just create more problems.

    • George R June 23, 2024

      But monetary compensation could push for better safety measures in the future. Sometimes legal action is necessary for change.

    • Lilly P. June 23, 2024

      I think the family’s grief is too raw to think about legal battles right now. They need support, not pressure.

  4. Ryan June 23, 2024

    This highlights the importance of electrical safety education! Young people shouldn’t be near these dangers, wet or dry.

  5. Julia M. June 23, 2024

    Imagine being a teacher and watching this happen. The trauma for everyone involved is unimaginable.

    • Secondary_School_Teacher June 23, 2024

      As a teacher, I can tell you we’re not equipped to handle such emergencies. There needs to be better crisis training.

  6. Chris June 23, 2024

    This wouldn’t have happened if schools followed protocols. It’s negligence, plain and simple.

    • Dana B June 23, 2024

      True, but protocols are only as good as the people enforcing them. It’s a systemic failure.

  7. Sunny D June 23, 2024

    The rain, the faulty equipment, and asking a child to handle this—it’s a recipe for disaster.

  8. Edu_Reform June 23, 2024

    Obec needs to launch a nationwide review. This incident is a symptom of deeper infrastructure problems.

    • LarryT June 23, 2024

      They can review all they want; if schools don’t get more funding, nothing will change.

  9. Carl June 23, 2024

    Wayu’s friend who tried to help is very brave. I hope he’s doing okay.

    • Tricia June 23, 2024

      Yes, that kid is a hero. But imagine the trauma he must be going through now.

    • Marissa June 23, 2024

      Hopefully, both boys’ actions will shed light on these issues and save future lives.

  10. Ella June 23, 2024

    It’s sad that such a young life was lost. I hope his family finds some peace eventually.

  11. Paul_M June 23, 2024

    We need more stringent checks for electrical items in public spaces. This isn’t just about schools.

  12. Deborah W. June 23, 2024

    The school doubted their own statements. First, they say the dispenser was in use, then it wasn’t. How can we trust them?

    • Rick June 23, 2024

      Schools often try to avoid admitting fault to prevent legal issues. It’s deceitful, but sadly common.

  13. Noah657 June 23, 2024

    The teachers tried their best to save him. It’s heartbreaking to see this outcome despite their efforts.

    • Jamie June 23, 2024

      True, but their best wasn’t enough. We need trained professionals for emergencies like this.

  14. Patty June 23, 2024

    The forensic details about the breaker switch burning out and leaking current are quite telling. The school can’t run from this.

    • Gary June 23, 2024

      Agreed. This points directly to maintenance and inspection failures. Heads should roll for this.

    • Chris June 23, 2024

      It’s also a wake-up call for other schools to re-evaluate their safety protocols.

  15. Marcus June 23, 2024

    The father’s decision not to take legal action is surprising. Many would do otherwise.

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