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Two further cases of monkeypox have been identified in Phuket

A man from Germany and a woman from Thailand have been identified as the country’s ninth and tenth confirmed cases of monkeypox, respectively. This past week, both individuals were located and recognized in Phuket, where they are currently being cared for at a local public hospital. The information about the two new infections has been made public by the Department of Disease Control.

Officials from the department of public health have already begun their investigation and have identified a number of individuals who may have had direct contact with the two newly infected patients and so may be at an increased risk of contracting monkeypox. They have not found any evidence of the illness spreading to other areas as of yet. The first person to be diagnosed with monkeypox was a Thai woman who was 37 years old. She is employed in the service industry, and on September 16 she began experiencing symptoms for the first time. After suffering from muscle aches, a sore throat, and a fever, she went out and purchased some medicine. It wasn’t until several days later that she discovered that she had a rash on her bottom and blisters all over her body. She sought medical attention at the local hospital in Phuket, where she was questioned about the activities and relationships she had been involved in prior to the onset of symptoms. The physicians there took samples to have them analyzed in the laboratory, and on Monday they received confirmation that monkeypox was there. She stated that she had neither been outside of the country nor had she come into contact with anyone that she knew who had blisters or rashes that could be indicative of monkeypox. She did say, though, that on September 17 she had a significant interaction with a German male. The German guy, who was 54 years old at the time, was tracked down by the authorities, and they eventually located him with the assistance of the Disease Control Office in Nakhon Si Thammarat. It was determined through testing that he also had a monkeypox infection in his system. Following the verification of the two incidents, the authorities found ten additional individuals who had come into close contact with the woman. Only two of them were regarded to be at low risk, while the other eight, including the German guy who was ultimately diagnosed with monkeypox, were assessed to be at high risk.

Officials who are investigating the disease are now keeping a close eye on all ten of the persons who are considered to be at risk, while the two people who have been diagnosed with monkeypox are still being treated in the hospital in Phuket.

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