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In order to stop the spread of monkeypox, increased foreign entry screening is required

Anutin Charnvirakul, the minister of public health, stated that his department is organizing airport screening and concentrating on travelers from nations that are dealing with an outbreak of monkeypox. Monkeypox, according to Anutin, is not nearly as dangerous or contagious as the Covid-19 pandemic that the globe recently experienced, but it is still crucial to try to stop its further spread. However, the government is pushing for proactive measures to stop the spread as well as testing and reporting potential infections, and health authorities are stepping up their educational efforts. There are now two confirmed cases of monkeypox in Thailand. In the first, a 27-year-old Nigerian man was diagnosed on July 18 in Phuket and fled the nation by swimming into Cambodia, where he was apprehended in Phnom Penh. Although no infections have been discovered thus far, 138 tourists from Africa and 2389 travelers from Europe will have been screened by the end of this week. In an effort to stop the spread of monkeypox in the kingdom, the Thai government is taking efforts to vet arriving visitors from nations that are experiencing outbreaks. In order to protect themselves and stop further spread, the World Health Organization advises gay and bisexual men to try to cut back on their number of sexual partners until the global outbreak has subsided. Sexual contact between two men is still the most common source of transmission, according to the WHO. After coming into touch with that man, more than 50 people have been checked for monkeypox, but no new infections have been discovered.

To prevent the transmission of the disease, everyone suspected of having monkeypox is quarantined for three weeks. Many people think that the previous smallpox vaccines would work against a similar disease, and vaccines are currently being developed.

Monkeypox, unlike Coronavirus, cannot be spread without direct touch with lesions or bodily fluids, or by prolonged contact with an infected person. Additionally, once infected, the infection may be unpleasant, but the majority of patients can recover at home with a low risk of dying. Airports across the nation have been instructed to tighten up efforts by their quarantine offices and increase screening of international arrivals from countries where monkeypox is transmitted, according to the deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control. The second infection, which was totally unrelated to the first, was discovered in a 47-year-old Thai male who claimed to have started experiencing symptoms on July 15 after having intercourse with a European guy that health officials are still looking for. With one test still pending, 16 of the 17 people who were identified as having contact with that Thai man have tested negative for monkeypox. When vaccines become available, they will be distributed first to front-line personnel and healthcare professionals to immunize them in the event of a potential outbreak.

The danger is greatest for persons who are sexually active and have several sex partners since monkeypox is transferred through close physical contact.

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