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Bangkok returns to exceeding 10,000 Covid infections daily

According to Chadchart Sittipunt, the new governor of Bangkok, the BMA has reportedly implemented four new measures in response to the rising BA.5 infections in and around Bangkok. opening the walk-in vaccination booths at the centers every Friday and Saturday. in-class Covid-19 testing is proactive. program of targeted vaccinations for “vulnerable groups”. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration claims that the city is equipped to withstand another Covid-19 pandemic wave and anticipates that the city may become home to tens of thousands of BA.5 patients when the current surge peaks at the end of August. This time, the main player is the BA.5 sub-variant, which was mostly identified through ATK results and community testing. Many people self-test at home, take time off work, and don’t report their results to the medical system, according to health professionals. Every Public Health Center will add a second working day on Saturdays.

He also urged the citizenry to practice strict adherence to Covid-19 preventative measures, such as wearing face masks in public, and to remain watchful. The daily rate of Covid-19 infections has increased to around 10,000 alone in Bangkok. Thailand’s final wave, driven by the BA.2 “Omicron,” reached 28,379 persons on April 1 of this year. The number of instances continued to decrease until the beginning of July, at which point they slowly started to rise once more. Although there have been increased hospital admissions, there are still only a small number of fatalities or critical cases. This strain can still cause serious symptoms in people who are more vulnerable.

The capital of Thailand has seen the majority of the BA.2 variation cases as well as the most recent BA.5 sub-variant cases in this wave. According to Dr. Yong Poovorawan, director of the Centre for Excellence in Clinical Virology at Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine, health officials are ready for the BA.5 surge and have been able to identify its characteristics when compared to earlier coronavirus strains.

The BA.5 sub-variant of the Covid virus is by far the most contagious strain because it can infect people who have already received a vaccination or who have recovered from a Covid infection due to its ability to resist the virus’s ability to evade the immune responses that are produced during infections and immunizations. Because public schools around the nation recently decided to reinstate on-site instruction, the virus will spread swiftly among students in classrooms. Only about 2,000 occurrences are formally reported each day, according to a Ministry of Public Health spokeswoman. A sizable portion of infected people with mild symptoms are not reported because the minor illness that the BA.5 Omicron sub type generally causes in healthy individuals makes them difficult to detect. Then, by spreading to their family members, it can infect a large number of people. In each of the three Bangkok schools that were closed over the previous two weeks, more than 900 illnesses were discovered. The BA.5 sub-variants started to spread throughout South Africa this year. It climbed to the top of the Covid-19 strain list in most countries after being found for the first time in Thailand in April. Thailand has historically trailed behind when it comes to the introduction of new types since the beginning of 2021, when the Delta wave started to spread over the world but didn’t reach its peak in Thailand until the middle of August. According to BMA figures, ATK cases have surged by 5,000–6,000 over the past week, and daily PCR-detected Covid infections have averaged 2,000–3,000.

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