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Bangkok is getting ready to restart its community isolation centers

During the peak of the pandemic last year, community isolation facilities for persons with mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 infections became fairly widespread in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. The most susceptible individuals, such as those with underlying illnesses or those over 60, may be admitted to these centers for Covid-19 treatment. They inform people that the BMA-run clinics and health centers will be able to provide medical advice and assistance to affected individuals, including migrant workers. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration may restore community isolation centers in populated regions of the nation’s capital due to an increase in Covid-19 infections.
The program would establish facilities in 50 areas to assist in defending those who are weak against those who are Covid-19-infected, including as expectant mothers, the elderly, and those who have underlying illnesses. To stop the spread of diseases while individuals who are already infected can receive medical care and medication under supervision, BMA officials are thinking of reopening these isolation centers. Officials reassured the public that they will be able to handle an increase in more severe Covid-19 cases despite plans to restore community isolation centers and the fact that roughly 60% of the hospital beds in Bangkok operated by the BMA are already filled. Additionally, Chadchart emphasized the need for people to receive their Covid-19 booster shots, particularly if they fall into the high-risk category.
The BMA is also obtaining molnupiravir pills that aid in the treatment of Covid-19 at a reduced cost for these clinics by collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health. Bangkok has experienced an increase in infections to over 2,000 per day, and Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt is concerned that because the city’s slum regions are so crowded, the virus will spread even more swiftly if individuals who are infected aren’t isolated like it did in the pandemic’s earlier stages. The BMA further stated that only 1% of kids, predominantly high school students, in the 457 schools they run in Bangkok had positive Covid-19 tests. They claim that this low number does not warrant the cancellation of lessons, but in the event of an outbreak, schools are ready to go back to online instruction.

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