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Unhinged Thai Teacher Unleashes Fury Over “Mum” Title: Child Assault Caught on Camera, Sparks Unbelievable Outrage!

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In an incident caught on school surveillance cameras, a harsh encounter between a teacher and her pupil caused an uproar. The teacher, clearly agitated, slapped a student so forcefully that it dislodged his face mask. The reason for her wrath – the student’s refusal to refer to her as “mum”. This overwhelming scenario was subsequently spread all over the internet, sparking a wave of reactions.

Thatchapol Polrat, who serves as the Deputy Dean for Ramkhamhaeng University and oversees its demonstration secondary schools, addressed this incident recently. According to him, an in-depth discussion has been held with the student’s guardian regarding the distressing occurrence.

The viral video features a shocking sequence where the teacher firmly grasps the student’s wrist, leads him along a corridor, and then halts to reprimand him. She points at his face prior to giving him a strong slap, powerful enough to knock off his face mask.

As if the first slap was not enough, the riled-up educator is then shown berating the bewildered boy, before striking him a second time with such force that the poor student’s face veers to the side. A clear demonstration of overwhelming physical punishment.

According to Deputy Dean Polrat, the account of this dreaded incident has been sent to the university’s disciplinary committee for additional proceedings. While waiting for an official decision, the teacher in question has been temporarily relieved of her duties.

In responding to this painful situation, school authorities are working on providing some form of compensation to the student and his guardian. This move aims to uplift their spirits particularly since the students have examinations scheduled for the coming week, as per Deputy Dean Polrat.

Given the uproar, the emotional well-being of the boy was a matter of concern. Polrat stated that the boy appeared to be coping well with the situation and indicating that he was “ok”. His fellow students have also rallied to provide him with moral support during this tough time.

The controversial video was first uploaded online by a woman claiming to be the aunt of the assaulted schoolboy. She revealed that the teacher’s outburst was triggered by the student’s refusal to accord her the title of “mum”, insisting that he had one mother only.

What struck viewers and commentators as deeply unfair was the boy’s visible effort to apologize to the teacher, despite receiving two harsh slaps. This heinous act of physical aggression in an educational setting continued to stir discussions on Twitter and other social platforms.

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